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Vayne Mechanics
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  • Yeahhhhh your on my ignore list bro so whatever arrogant bullshit you posted doesn't show.
    I do take criticism seriously as I did the bangs bit, all I said is I dont see why its so bad but all you've done since then is throw a fucking bitch fit. Your acting like I'm ignoring the problem and your point.

    The only real critisim I've had in that thread is quitemad because your acting a damn bitch over nothing.
    I'm not the only one practicing shit methods, you may think your being critic but your acting far from it. Why would anyone listen to you when you act in such a pathetic manner to something that wasnt even arguing with you to begin with.

    So don't be so motherdiddlying arrogant, nothing you've said gives growth or importance your just acting pissy for no damn reason.
    Quitemad pointed the hair thing out as well and then offered a way to possibly improve on it, all in a calm manner which is what TRUE criticing is.
    If anyone needs a lesson its you from your fellow critiquing peers jackass.
    Im not blindly defending, I didnt once say I wad right just that I don't find one strand a serious problem when the images above are for practicing expressions.

    I never said I didnt appreciate your opinion or that I wouldnt work on it neither.

    Now your just being an ass with the circlejetk bit.

    I didnt mean nothing offensive so if my wording comes off that way I do apologize.
    But if you dont want to come back then alright but if thats how your going to act and seeing as how you've hardly come in here before I dont see how itll be a great loss however I do find it regrettable seeing as how this thread doesnt even get passing by comments but once a month or so.
    i'm on iro. specifically valkyrie, since it's more or less f2p, but they just implemented a pre-renewal/"classic" server and that's free too. there are a lot of kupoing bots, but the actual population still seems to be better than a lot of private servers. and anyway i appreciate the reliability~
    you literally would aaaaaaaaasdfg i hardly get to play lately *A*

    i wish things were simple and i was 14 again and i could spend my entire life grinding and questing monotonously
    almost as funny as 15 year olds who take the internet too seriously

    you should seriously read your posts aloud sometimes, record them, and then listen to them
    KUPO KUPO KUPOOOOOOOOO! I just finished beating FF13-2 yesterday night. A little disappointed in how everything ended, but meh
    Besides that, I've been working at the Royal Canadian Mint for my coop work-term.
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