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  • That is fucking disgusting. Why is the government sending troops to other countries when our cities need relief? People are being murdered due to their skin color and here we are looking down on other countries. Smh
    it really is awful how the government drops the ball and blames the people for it. our society is a bastard child that is indebted to it's deadbeat father, and if that metaphor isn't accurate i don't know what is.
    Check your fucking weather station mate. I'm right in that capital now. Lol. We had the protests, Albany said it was "one with Baltimore". Were you affected by that at all*

    besides the nae nae
    i watched that bro. was cool. i am hoping to roadtrip in a year or two. whenever i do i'll definitely roll through baltimore, see if u need an actor lmao
    I've decided not to smoke since young age dude. Sucks you smoke but I hope you can break the habit. Any more films in the works?
    what subgenre? stage name? i'm asking for a friend. u buy cigarettes or lottery tickets yet?
    hey it's almost like as soon as you come back I break my tablet, like, it was planned this way. What's new dude?
    hey shitbag i got a new house, internet and my birthday's today.

    that 16 on my profile is so fucking weird to look at i can't even
    watched drive last night its such a good fucking movie

    (and i started breaking bad, MILFS MILFS MILFS)
    the fifth season is the best season so far imo

    dexter on the other hand.... haha wow man talk about depressing
    man i want to watch that movie so much but the only computer we have is my dad's and he's always watching low-budget horror, WWE productions and some tv shows (we finished true blood so i'm like "let's watch dexter" and he said "alright, let's watch breaking bad tonight").
    i do actually i was just telling you my main priorities of which of his albums i want to get. i thought the conversation was just about over BECAUSE WE ARE MEN DAVID, WE CAN'T TALK ABOUT FEELINGS FOREVER YOU KNOW
    wait what now

    the last message i sent you was 4 days ago bruh. only thing i haven't said already is i wanna cop MBDTF and TCD.
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