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Grace Falls
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  • Oh yeah..well at least, I detailed it out so it wasn't too lazy.

    I'll leave the location to you, since I suck at finding good locations. xD
    Funny you should say that, cause I'm in the process of editing my post with my temp. I should warn you that I got very lazy, and it's just going to be pictures. XD.
    Planning on posting tomorrow unless told otherwise.

    Tired of waiting, and I could give less of a caretakeration about balance issues. The fun of beating the snot out of people is being slowly sapped away like water sneaking out of the crack at the bottom of the jug.

    Any idea how close or far away myself and Professor are to getting the okay to our battle?
    Okay, like for example say we have an ancient fire dragon who was just as mighty as his power was. Now in modern times, his form is a teenager with a firey spirit and dresses to the part. Pretty much the dragon that you choose would be the basis of your character's modern appearance, as well as attitude.

    Hope that clears it up.
    Didn't see your PM until just now.

    You're a meanie so you can make it yourself ): PM me w/e the hell you want it to be and ill edit
    Gotta keep ya outof your comfort zone. Trying new things in battles is what makes the whole idea of battling exciting. :3
    Well you know I'm always down for a good battle, and since the rps im in are slow atm, I need something to keep me entertained ;D!
    Your edits are much better, there were no further problems concerning your template as a hole aside from just the KG.
    I can accept your template, when you update the edits, then you can begin posting.
    Your most likely hitting forward, and not entering The Citrus Cult inside of the Recipients box.
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