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Grace Falls
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  • Whoa damn Dan, your character is pretty sick o:..but wow, another "forge" along with gar and ref...indeed im gonna get raped XD
    lol dude can you go post in Karutomaru's last thread after me?
    He took it upon himself to continue it, but given he didn't state more than one challenger, or the conditions for the new thread, its free-for-all (more like handi-cap match).

    I just need you finish it up, I already implemented what next in my post xD.
    Please please please please please!
    Neither am I. I just posted in the thread you started a few weeks ago, wanting a low magnitude battle. So post template and and location description when your ready.
    Looking out more to other countries, most of what we have nowadays in america is being nerfed beyond measure, can't listen to really any mainstream :l. I'm stuck on massive hits from the 80s and 90s lol.
    xD sadly BoA dances better than these guys (her steps are SOOOO much easier to learn lmao)
    Alright. That works out alright. I need time to collect myself anyways. Haven't dome much legitimate rping here lately.
    Grace, i wish to clash arms against ye for your rank, if it befits you at the present moment.
    Dude you are gonna lose the rank fight if you don't seriously post, like now. You have had time and keep leaving it off.

    Prophet will declare you the loser...
    Yeah more or less. I've been trying to keep my grades up, and still make time for friends and shit. But just recently, i've been feeling under the weather, so not sure if i'll be on khi as much as i am everyday lol. But yeah, every things good more or less lol xD
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