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  • Hey you are you going to post your temp, don't think that this will be nothing, if you think that then you are sadly mistaken, when i challenged you; i wanted to test your skills out to the fullest..so if you think that this is just going to be a waste of your time..then i shouldn't even bother right. You are "Mr. i am the best, so f*** off" Right, well your wrong..i will prove that you are at the same skill as i am.
    Hey just so yo uknow whether we get the last judge or not, my temp will be posted in the battle tonight, guaranteed
    sorry for attacking you but still hope you join lol well see your creating your own thread so i will leave you a;lone
    0.0 I didnt think about that well this wasnt meant to be a rip off but I guess it is anyways if your going to join glade to have ya abored if not please dont fill the thread with a arguement
    Hey I noticed you looked at the RP's I made and did't join D: I was just wondering why not and how could I improve future RP's i start?
    Arashi would never just sit home and watch behind the scenes. He likes to do missions to help protect his village, but as you said Naruto's grandson is the kage, and I'm the only one. Guess he could do missions and stuff and still be Kage. Idk.
    Well I have something for those star children later on and beside why not befriend them instead of fight them if they can help the world and that's what Arashi would want. I was thinking of someone acting as Arashi's duplicate so Arashi can do missions for the village and help better keep it safe. He would still give orders and stuff but instead tell his duplicate to do it for him. Like someone else act as Arashi and the world is told he looks different from the Arashi i'm using.
    Am I in charge of the Whirlwind country since i'm Naruto's grandchild? I have a plan if so about that.
    whats up dude? Im sorry but I wont be able to finish my temp till tommorow. Also I have a couple of questions I need to ask you about my temp but I'll ask you tommorow. byz :)
    Just know if your Tavish's friend then your my friend. I'm cool with anyone he is cool with. You know I used to think you were some n00b just clogging up the place, but your better then I expected.
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