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  • Its more than likely too long. and has too much code in it. Post parts of it even if you gotta to it like 2 sentences at a time. The site is like that at times lol. Just edit it to completion.

    Meh life really. Complications and fun maybe.
    Hey, just wanted to let you know (if you're still interested in the Rust Blaster RP), that the new OOC thread has been made. ^^;;
    I suppose. It follows the manga more, so the characters get SD much more than in the first one. Though, I thought that the ones that made you feel uncomfortable were supposed to do that, lol.
    Too much? Compared to the first anime? Hardly. The music was easily just as dramatic.
    So I heard you dislike FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Why is that? The Dantefied anime sucks, and I would expect Brotherhood to be rather well liked seeing as it apparently follows the true story much better.

    Well, a couple ppl cut themselves or got a burn.

    But that's about it......
    Lolz.....*bows* It is a position of HONOR!!! xD jkjk

    I'm a really good cook. I love to bake more actually.

    We made breakfast dishes, lunch, and once in a while we did dessert.
    I know....it really was fun to teach everyone some new things.

    I even should the instructors how to do some new things.

    We got paid for the weeks that we were there. 4 weeks. But I actually made a lot of money.

    I'm thinking about doing it again next summer. I'll be a teacher's assistant if I go back. So that will be fun!!
    LOLZ.........I know you do babeh!!! *wrapsarmaroundyou*

    I worked at the college here that was teaching younger kids how it felt to have a real job in the food industry. So it taught them cooking skills, managing money, taking orders, working on ppl skills...etc. It was really fun and I miss the kids a lot now that its over. They were all like 14-15
    MHM........not until like, the second week of Sept.
    OMG IKR!!!!! After all the years of being below everyone....lolz.
    Haha.....you're a bad girl. But I don't mind being on top....of you! xDD
    Really?? I don't have school for liek another three weeks....xDDD!!!!
    IKR......I'm SOO happy that its my Senior year!!!! *dances*
    Meh, nothing much really.....been working over the summer.
    How about you....what's been going on with ya???
    *hugsyoutodeath* How ish my love??
    *pouncesyou* KYWIE!!!!!!!!!!!! <333
    I know I was supposed to do something....

    But... I can't remember... what it was...


    Sup mates?

    Damn I want to get back to RPing. :(
    Haha....yeah but its okay love!!!
    Don't feel bad!!!
    Glad to have ya back though.
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