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    do u think kairi is a wielder

    i think that any PoH (Princess, not pure) can use the Keyblade. it may just be like a title, only hearts of light can use the keyblade. though this conflicts with riku, but since he accepted both light AND darkness, he may have that title. and since we have no definition of Keyblade Master, we...
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    Anagram for 'Master Xehanort'

    same here no idea's here..............
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    When you first see Terra at the begining of KH2's secret ending, what is he standing on:confused::confused::confused:????? Could it be a Nobody like the Twilight Thorn, or is it some Unbirth? Need help!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Oraganization XIII- Favorite Fight

    definitely the saix fight. i loved the challenge, though the very first time i did his fight, i was raped like no tomorrow. but, after a while, i like his fight the most. but, if i had FM, i would probably like Marluxia's.........
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    Create your own Keyblade, anyone?

    Okay. Just some random idea i decided to post. If you could create any keyblade, would you. Describe it as best as possible. For me, I would create a Dark version of Oathkeeper. Just the Oathkeeper with an Oblivion color scheme, black and purple, and with a black heart surrounding a white heart...
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    Which Sephiroth was harder?

    Just a question that bugged me...... Sephiroth was difficult in either game, but which one, KH1 or KH2, was harder for you to beat? For me, KH2 was harder. Kh1 was just a wuss with a long sword.:nahnah:
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    Axel's Somebody's Name?

    Just a little thought that i got in class..... but could Axel's original name be Alex? They never said what would happen if a person had an "X" in their name was recruited into the organization. tear it apart if you want to.
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    Card Deck System in BBS

    i tried to play CoM once, and hated the gameplay. they should have stayed with the old style..... but, i did admire the ability to customize your attacks. the seights were ok, but the whole "card break" system confuzzled me to no end......:cursing: so yeah, if BBS has a deck system like CoM...
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    3 Nobodies from one person?

    dammit, took the words out of my mouth...... seph1, your theory has it's means, but not the basis. but, you're right, nomura can do whatever the f*** he wants with the nobodies. for all we know, she could be some random person's nobody(highly doubtful, just giving a possible random idea.......)...
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    Is it worth it?

    i thought that the card system was aggrivating at least.......but that's for a different thread..... overall, i think it's okay......but i haven't beaten it through yet...... i still prefer the Playstation games over this one....
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    Xion Theory - A Nobody, But Whos...?

    okay, well, hows this idea instead (kindly tell me if someone already posted this theory)..... ok, so we know that kairi's heart left her and went into sora. and then later, her heart left sora to return to her. the second time her heart left a body, namine was created. what about the first...
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    Xion Theory - A Nobody, But Whos...?

    I do think riku lost his heart, because Xehanort/Ansem forced his way into his (riku's) body, causing riku's heart to leave his body, producing a heartless, and perhaps a nobody. but since riku's body was still intact, that would prevent the nobody from being made. However, when in the End of...
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    Just curious.......

    LMFAO!!!!!!!!!! Maybe. Seems most likely.
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    Just curious.......

    I was wondering this when my sis told me it. Riku and Kairi's hair grew between KHCOM and KH2, but why didn't Sora's!??? Any idea why?
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    Fanfiction ► It All Began........

    thx, thought it needed work:unsure:, just went with a whim and forgot about it much. next one should be better, cause now i actually care about it.:thumbsup: