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  • I can't wait to see the new Harry Potter movie! I heard it was good. I even heard that some scenes were changed from the book but that it wasn't too bad. Did you see Transformers yet? Or are you not interested in that movie? I saw it and it was pretty good, although there were some plot holes. xD
    I've never gone to a midnight showing or a "day of release" showing.
    I live in a small town that doesnt get WB movies at our theatre, and the next closest place that does is a town an hour and a half car drive away.
    Me and my friends might be going on Sunday though.
    Lol, how are you doing? My birthday is next week. Are you enjoying your summer? xD
    I don't know! Nobody ever seems to be on when I do but I was on it yesterday. >.<
    That's awesome! :D
    Okay. So that's your S/N? XD
    Yes, it's me and my new username. Yeah, it's still Candy. :D
    LOL! I figured as much. It's kinda boring without you but it's good to hear from you!
    Sounds like my old school system wasn't really that bad XD but it's mostly on the academic portion; kind of known to have some of the worst drop out rates.

    Can't wait for vacation time <333

    Oh I see, I can be the same way with certain things. I used to draw a good deal of the time, but then my works didn't seem to satisfy me anymore so I pretty much stopped. 3 years and going =\
    XD well that depends on the circumstance, if you don't have a note as to the reasons why you were absent you pretty much got a got a guaranteed detention/suspension.

    Oh well you're lucky D; but you have many left over just in case. And I hope you pass this, if I didn't graduate my parents would kill me.
    Yeah, used to be at least double that at my old school but this one has a different policy.
    But it's worth a lot of your grade :c you can do it.
    It is actually, considering you only get 12 sick days here; I haven't used up many but even just 1 day behind is a mess. Oh same here in fact it just started Monday xD which was one of the days I was out unfortunately.

    Meh if it's worth your entire project I'd just do it to get it out of the way =3
    Yeah and I'm finding it hard to get back on track, but luckily I didn't miss a good deal of work; most of it is being excused because of my absence. Good thing you don't, but one day won't kill you.
    Yeah, though it will be hard trying to sleep; but I'm glad I'm just not miserable anymore, it was hell staying home for 3 days.
    That's good I guess XDDD

    Oh well I was quite sick myself, actually I'm still battling it but I'm better then I was days ago; good luck with the book. Oh and as for me I'm alright, was a bit miffed but now I'm a tad more perky and alert, basically it's the medication I'm taking D;
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