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  • Hopefully, I have had this problem before and even tried installing a wireless keyboard but the keyboard that I bought was incompatible with my 64 bit windows 7 Compaq conputer and the disk that was supposed to install it was pretty much useless.
    My bad! I believe Nimoy did voice the Atlantin king in Disney's Atlantis. If so, I wish he could have used that voice for Master Xehanort before passing.
    I must have some pretty bad luck. I sprained my ankle because the grass has some lower level, close to being a hole. I released a pretty panicked shriek. I am okay, I should ice my foot.
    Well, it's kind of hard to do anything without camera footage or any type of proof. I've had to call the non-emergency a few times, because somebody kept ramming into my neighbor's door after knocking. I thought the person was doing it to my door. I think it was neighbor because he left sticky notes on his door, threatening to have someone "arrest" them because he was asleep. I was dumb and snoopy to actually call the office. So far, nobody has banged on his door like that.

    I have also suggested to the office to put in cameras in the hallway where I live, maybe not blatantly out there where they can be stolen and purposefully damaged.
    I need to stop being so hesitant. Ugh, I can't believe this keeps happening. Busted Lampost by ienzo628 on DeviantArt Also, have you ever heard of Black Eyed Kids?
    Isn't the cat on the box, so cute? I am a sucker for cute things, especially with cats dressed up. I got it under twenty-five pounds. I also got him a thing that he use to bunny kick to, but he doesn't seem to enjoy it. I don't get it! Of course, I don't know why I am so hypocritical. I want him by my side, but at the same time. I want him away whenever he's on my desk.
    Caged by ienzo628 on DeviantArt A poem that I did. I feel like I keep writing over and over again. I feel like I am always going in circles.
    I am wondering what type of art tablet that I should get. I heard Wacom is pretty good. However, I am not sure what to look for. I have some idea like a pen, an art software and a USB cable. I have thought that Intuos is a good place to start.
    By the way, I finished reading Junji Ito's manga, Uzumaki. That ending was pretty sad. I can't imagine Kingdom Hearts ending on a similar note.
    That's cool! I am probably going to go take a nap soon. I am close to beating Blue, but unfortunately I got beaten by the first of the Kanto Elite Four. I wish Moon would allow the option to download the National Pokedex in game.
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