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  • just anything really... hoping to work as a cashier anywhere... but I've been listening to this great tune...

    Hey there i'll be doing your request today i've been on a bit of a break if thats ok with you my dear.
    Hello, it's nice to meet you! ^^Thank you very much, but I prefer to talk for a while before becoming friends. :3
    cause between bow ties and fez's the feeble human mind cant decide on which is more awesome :D
    xD its much easier when yer soul is already taken by yer 1st gameboy -i.e khi took nothing!-
    xD its cause he has to remind us that it just shows how true it is.
    0,0 really?
    xD as have i, i actually made it a year of two *v*
    x'D haha i know! -lol he knows- tho i stand by the belief that its just cause us normal folk dont understand how cool bow ties are~
    :O thanx! tho with my current internet i can see them but that might change very soon >:}
    i see~ well welcome back! thanx for proving yet again that no soul leaves here xD its internet hell~ -cept with lol's and trolls-
    yes! my fav doctor is the current tho the last one had his moments xD like growling at the devil lol~

    tho this doctor is all

    its sad tho thanx to my job i might miss the new shows on saturday T~T (whenever they finally come)
    also hi! :3 yer name looks familiar o,o
    I ended up going with MSU. It's cheaper, closer to home, and I'm working in a lab on actual research my freshman year. Plus, I'm already a sophomore in credits. Gotta say, I love it there. Any reason you ask?
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