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  • Hey Firagex, sorry 'bout never being able to hear you again and such.

    Well, I wish you luck in your new pointless life... and when I warn people about pissing off mods they never believe me...
    oh god that sucks, why Firagex? It seems like a very douchebag/like move.
    Fun fact, a week ago I put an administrative setting on your account that makes it so that every member of this forum automatically has you on their "Ignore" list, so that they would never see a single post you make, however I made it so that it appears to you as if all your posts were showing up.

    You've been talking to yourself this whole time, have fun with that.
    still a little small compared to mine, the pic cant fit on the computer screen though XD:lol:

    I try to help, I even gave advice, but no you do the exact opposite of what I had advised.
    hey i noticed your thread in the hey arnold section so i wanted to ask what is hey arnold about because i've heard it's cool but iunno seems kindf overrated
    Well you don't have to go cold turkey. And yes, just for amusement, but that said person usually had it coming from the start. Like Sheggy for example.
    Um... I don't bestow the staff their abilities :L so don't point the finger at me. And that ability is useful for fixing posts, while it can be abused it's merely for amusement. Like I said, take it in stride and it will stop. Otherwise just expect more... and more of the same shit you're dealing with now.
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