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  • yeah, the city I live in. People keep saying it's quite dangerous and people are afraid of illegal immigrants coming over along with drug cartels.
    It's quite warm at day and cold at night over here, also peaceful too. I lived in the town area and it's quite far away from the city.
    I'm trying to think of a name of a guy's name that start with a B like Barrett from Final Fantasy VII. Do you know any names that start with B?
    Do you want to read something I have planned out?

    Shinra Slums

    628 years after, Cloud Strife inherited the Buster Sword from the deceased Zack Fair. The sword was passed to the orphaned Denzel after Cloud died under mysterious circumstances. Denzel before his death in the Banora Ruins placed the Buster Sword within a cave before his death by the hands of Shinra. The weapon was to fade into oblivion and only legends and myths arised from it.

    One day, my brother and I were out exploring the ruins. Both of our parents were archeologists for a secret organization. My brother, Jose met a girl, Eliza, while exploring the old rotting buildings. He and her went out to visit some the Lake of Ending. I refused to join in on their mushy love affair and went off my own way.

    I stumbled upon a blonde girl. She looked at me with an angry look, which said "Why are you here?!" I only stared at her giving her the same look. The girl walked off with her long braided hair brushing into my face. I watched as she walked off.

    Something about this girl told me to follow. So, I did exactly that. I followed her into a cave. She disappeared behind some rocks within the cave. I found myself alone in one of the caverns. A grey light within the distance shined in my face.

    I had to cover my eyes as to not become blind. Something drew me to the light. My legs walked on their will towards the light. My left hand picked up something from the dirt. I looked at the thing. It was a long sword covered in scratches and bandages. I tore the bandages apart and recognized the sword as the legendary Buster Sword. The legend of which my grandpa Louie told me about.

    I had to hide the sword away from my relatives, especially Jose. He is such a glory hound. So, I hid the sword within my long knapsack. It was already dusk and I had to go back to the campsite and sneak the sword within my tent before either my parents, Jose, or anyone else stumbled upon me. I didn't want to get any questions.
    who the fawk are you>?

    Seriously who are you?
    hey, how are you on? I drew this a while ago.
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