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    Long time member of the KHInsider Forum for 13 years, I'm back, everyone!

    It's been so long since I've been in this forum and I could not remember which year was my last activity.... But now that Kingdom Hearts III is upon us in this year of 2018, as a huge fan of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, I decided to make a return and spend some time here, reminiscencing the...
  2. Faruway

    Which Plot Twists did you Guess?

    One of the plot twist everyone guesses I believe was Terra becoming the Xehanort we saw in a flashback of Kingdom Hearts 2, the whole comparison between Terra's picture and that Xehanort before BBS even comes out, the whole speculation about it was growing until it finally came true when we saw...
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts -HD 2.5 ReMIX- Original Soundtrack Announced!

    I think she remastered the KH2 tracks and BBS tracks. Not sure about the Re:Coded tracks, someone need to clarify on this.
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    Will the songs/tracks in KH 2.5 HD ReMix be re-recorded with live instrumentation?

    That's good to hear but I really wish they could do the same for BbS tracks, would really want to hear how they sound like with some battle themes reorchestrated with actual choirs and live instruments like for ex. 'Black Powder', I really wanted to hear how it sounded like in reorchestrated...
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    Will the songs/tracks in KH 2.5 HD ReMix be re-recorded with live instrumentation?

    Some people might not like it but it would be nice to hear the songs/BGMs from both KH2 and maybe Birth by Sleep in live instrumentations. :)
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    Ventus's original homeworld to be in KH3 but it's a world we already know

    I've been wondering about it all this time, I know the Land of Departure is the homeworld of Keyblade Wielders/a training homeworld for Keyblade Wielders but where did Ven originally came from before he became a Keyblade Wielders? Terra and Aqua have never met him before until 4 years before the...
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    I hope a young version of Master Eraqus, Young Eraqus, appears in KH3

    After fighting against the Armor of the Master in one of the matches in the Mirage Arena in BBS Final Mix and listening to that battle theme 'Master, Tell Me The Truth', I was hoping that Master Eraqus may appear in KH3 in some form like a younger version of himself. We've seen Young Xehanort so...
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    Will we finally get to see the original selves of Demyx, Luxord, Marluxia and Larxene in KH3?

    Had a feeling that either one of them will play a huge role in KH3 or maybe three of them (Luxord, Marluxia and Larxene) Ever since the events in DDD, we still don't know why Aeleus and Ienzo scavenging stuffs in Ansem's room and why Lea wanted to become a Keyblade Wielder and suddenly rushed...
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    Nico Nico Douga vid of all Kingdom Hearts 3 reactions vids from Youtube, reacting at same time!

    We've seen all the Kingdom Hearts 3 reactions vids so far and it was funny and incredibly awesome! However, someone from Nico Nico Douga actually made a compilation vid containing all the well known Kingdom Hearts 3 reactions from Youtube combined, with everyone reacting at the same time...
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    Kingdom Hearts III/Final Fantasy XV Reactions

    I don't know if this is the right place to put but I will just go on. I was going around browsing for more news on the E3 2013 Sony Conference until I came across this live reaction vid on Kingdom Hearts 3 along with Final Fantasy XV being announced... Be warned that this contains loud...
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    TGS Trailer officially released! (JP and Eng. Subbed trailers in first post)

    Before that part is revealed, we all thought that the other 5 apprentices follow Xehanort and let their hearts fall into the darkness and become Nobodies/Heartless. But now that the TGS Dream Drop Distance trailer is shown and the way Braig talks to Xehanort before the latter summoned his...
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    BBS VOL:2

    I really wish that this would finally let us see the remaining Organization XIII members' original selves (Demyx, Luxord, Marluxia and Larxene, specifically) and also Lea's and Isa's turning into Nobodies.
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    Secret Episode Boss (SPOILERS)

    You know, at first I thought it was the Heartless of one of the Organization members but I doubt it. Can't tell by the red eyes and that insanely attack it does when its HP is low....though, I doubt it would be a high class breed of Pureblood Heartless or one of the original Heartless that was...
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    New BBSFM Secret Episode scan.

    I have come up with some speculations on who this mysterious 'red eyed' entity.... It could either be that this thing is: 1. The 'very first' Heartless that was born, hence the red eyes. 2. The ruler of the RoD that sees everything and control every kind of Heartless that has existed. 3. The...
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    How come King Mickey didn't recognize Apprentice Xehanort as Terra?

    Well, we know why Braig recognized Terra because he met him, fought him, got scarred by him and saw him again, unconscious at Radiant Garden, except he now call himself 'Xehanort'. Why Mickey didn't recognized Xehanort as Terra is mostly because he didn't met him face to face during BBS and...