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  • that shacklefard bro is hax, he manipulates the servers to conveniently escape death nearly EVERY TIME lol.
    I miss the second golden age of graphics on KHI. Best time I ever had with graphics was with SDD.
    ^^^Click "customize my profile" button^^^

    Content>Content Text Color

    ur welcome
    sorry man *eats doritos*

    how the fuck doi make it so i can see wtf youre saying? its white text on a white background your dumbass forum man FUCK
    turn was a goof and accidentally banned/infracted this dude

    View Profile: nadryx320 - KHInsider Forums

    he says he tried going back and clearing the ban and pming the dude to apologise, but the entry for it still appears on the post in question and his profile

    can you make sure it's properly gone?
    Maaaaaan I already told you there was a mortal kombat character of the same name lmao.

    haha, I started I Am Alive. Got stuck after 3 hours of gameplay...):

    Oh yeah, my college friend here has PS allstars too. Next time your on, the three of us can play haha. I've decided to main sly and second Spike. Grab one of your bros, and we can do doubles O:
    haha sick, i should play more but I'm playing for trophies on other games xD.
    Female Kratos D:

    The only character I could really play was Sly lmao. I did pretty bad with everybody else xD.
    I keep forgeting PS doesn't play like smash bros, and I rock at smashbros -.-
    I think that death tide we had was way more than what we bargained for lol.
    Always do. My semester ends tomorrow, but my finals ended today. I've got a 4-week break before going back yo.
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