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  • At least she got a mention. We don't hear anything about Rebecca or Barry anymore and I doubt we'll see Sheva again ...
    I can't really comment. How do you feel about Jill not being in the game despite being Chris' partner?
    Really? Huh. I've read from gamers and reviewers alike it was very disappointing. You have ZERO complaints about any part of the game? It's 10/10?
    Jaxx have you played RE6? Haven't spoken to you since Operation Raccoon City was the latest game. Without spoiling anything on RE6 can you tell me how it is if you DID get it? I heard it was awful.
    I tried looking for your infected tag, i remember uploading it to my old PB because I wanted to wear it, turns out its not on there anymore lol.

    but i did find this, something else I liked in 09
    Dude, are you sanctioned Administration in site staff + forum? or one or the other?
    Damn!!! The Froad. VAT, beauxxx, Angel's Prayer, KH Vandread, OmniChaos, Tobuoi, Thelonepickle, AngelofFate(DUUUH!!!) SolidMetal, ZELLI, Wolfedawg, KurtZisa, Infinity's End, Jutting Rock, Jub Jub376, Geist, GrandMaster_Chris, Kairi'Heart, Jay Chou, Mysterious, Master T, Sir Meta Knight, Shattered Redemption, Shadow's Fall, Virus Core Hacker, KHFanatic4565, blinkboy211, foreverkingdom, Hades Dragon, Darkly Aesthetic, Redemption(might as well as say all the premiums I know/knew/recognized)
    I haven't made an avvy for a non premium member in a while, and I can't recall if the regular member avvy size is 100x100 or 110x110...
    Thanks muchly, but there might be a bit of confusion: The competition isn't centered around Kingdom Hearts, there just so happens to be a specific KH RP set up. The title of the thread and announcement make it sound like it's just about Kingdom Hearts roleplaying.
    Much like I said before about variety, we need to see things we don't really see that much anymore. (animation and spriting, even AMVs)
    Your right about the teaching portion, I'm sure even our hobbyist would appreciate learning how manipulating tools can improve the overall composition of their pieces.
    Be my back up for Digital Media man, the artist in me is really ready to see this place take off.
    Though, for years you always have been xD, you get what I mean!
    you're now the admin for site staff, yeah?

    with a spot in a draw for a $50 amazon giftcard, some of us in the roleplaying section are trying to do stuff to boost activity there

    part of it will also be a KH roleplay made specifically for new members to join and try out

    would you give this any consideration for an announcement on the main site, or would you rather it just stay as a forum-wide announcement bulletin/thread in the announcement section?
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