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  • Yep, pretty much. I updated them for legibility and made the triforce theme a lot more accurate/distinct (i.e. one triangle is filled in per poster, instead of it gradually filling up).

    Zelda Movement - Imgur

    No time for Din to be really cool, but when I have the opportunity, it'll end up being matched so I can sell a poster series or something..... maybe lol
    Haha yeah I'll try it! I kept it simple because I figured if it's the last in a trilogy, why not do something dramatic?

    Also it is due tomorrow and I got lazy while doing it... shhhhh lol
    That was actually...p jammin man. Makes me want to open up Reason right meow.
    Yo dawg. So I just made some posters for one of my design classes. They're teaser-posters for TLOZ. Can I get some feedback before they're printed? <:

    click yo
    okay it was funny for a while but now it's just really embarrassing to look at so eriiiiiiiiiiiiic the community spotlight box needs to be fixed rofl

    Asides from "Get into the spirit and celebrate with us in our annual holiday contest!" it should end with "Just come by our forums to join in!" and that needs be linked to the thread, not just with the url dumped in. Er. The correct thread please. Because right now, that link in the box redirects to the Halloween Contest haha
    Please explain to me why good sample packs are so difficult to come across. I really want the Vengeance pack but I'm just not willing to pay all that money right now and 'acquiring it through other means' is out of the question since it's a good 6-9gb and would look pretty suspicious to my ISP :<

    Though as far as constructive criticism goes, I think if it were me I'd throw 0:38 before the beatdown. That aside, I like it, I really do and it definitely has potential
    Wow, that's actually pretty extensive. But yeah I see where you're coming from with all that time going to somewhere else. And in our industry Eric, we don't call them CD's...WE CALL THE EP's. Despite the fact that I have absolutely no clue what EP means, I actually decided to hone in on music and design and take that more seriously since I love the hell out of both of them. As far as tools, I just have my laptop. THAT's IT. When I moved I don't know where my MIDI keyboard was so it looks like I have to buy another one of those. In any case, I'll be pulling an all nighter getting to know the ins and outs of Reason 6 (I just got it and what is going on). So naturally I'll definitely be coming to you if I run into any probs.
    Never mind had to hit 'hide user customizations' ..never noticed that before.

    Well Wesker threatened Barry's family and knew them, so I think he had the best reason to stay away. Rebecca was still a kid and didn't sign up for Zombie fighting. Instead just medical emergencies, and there wasn't a cure to the virus so she was kind of screwed. These are plausible reasons to be away from the Bioterrorism stuff but since they fought it and saw it all, I would at least expect them to speak out about it. Chris NEVER talks about the S.T.A.R.S days anymore.
    When I go to 'view conversation' I see some blonde anime kid in the background.

    And I think it's because RE Zero wasn't very popular, so for that reason they gave up on the character. Wouldn't mind hearing something about him ...but S.T.A.R.S members deserve better for sure. I mean if a little girl could come back to fight these things, why didn't they??
    Quick note; your vm background with 'momiji' makes it really difficult to read your message =/

    She did gain experience but her sole goal WAS finding Chris, and I don't think Claire fought because she wanted to, but because the situations forced her to do it. Her brother is out there, alive, and fighting the wrong people. I'm not sure Chris would let his little sister get involved in such dangerous work either. He values his partners a TON and I'm sure his sister is even more valuable to him, and he wouldn't want guilt regarding Claire to be carried as it was for Jill's supposed death. Sherry was a call I didn't expect Capcom to make since they hate bringing in classic characters. You know how much I'd kill for some news or appearances by Barry, Rebecca, hell even Billy ffs?
    Well Claire is probably the only main character without actual training in combat. She just happened to be at the wrong places at the wrong time and happened to survive. Everyone else was trained. S.T.A.R.S, Leon as a cop, Ada as an Agent, etc.
    Claire only wanted to find her brother and she accomplished that, Leon was the one who wanted to fight Umbrella. I want Claire back too but as this point I'm not certain what role she'd play. Even with her goal accomplished, and I can't remember what it was, she could have still helped fight Bioterrorism. After the things she saw I'd doubt she'd be able to live knowing people will weaponize those things.
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