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Enchanted Rose

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  • Maybe we are secretly meant to be. :]

    (Also, your profile is set to only your friends can comment on it, never experienced that before, didn't even know that was possible!)
    And I want to say it's always heartening to find another woman who isn't afraid to call herself a feminist :)

    I'm of two minds about people who think that feminism is redundant. On the one hand, it demonstrates a certain degree of naivety. On the other, it kind of proves just how far the battle for gender equality has come: the fact that there are women who grow up honestly believing that nobody will ever discriminate against them on the basis of sex can only be encouraging.

    I was lucky enough to grow up in an environment where nobody would dare treat me differently because I was female. I never even thought about feminism until I moved to Japan and experienced sexism firsthand. Thankfully the crap I've had to put up with has been minor at most, limited to comments about not being feminine, or assumptions that I have no interest in sport because I'm a girl. It hasn't impacted on my educational or professional life. But it's been enough for me to take an interest in the sort of real discrimination that does still exist in many countries, and to pay closer attention to less obvious examples of gender role pressure exerted even in modern western countries.
    I hope you have a really good christmas too. I remember how many times i've told you that I was gonna save some money and come see you. lol

    It's been too long since we actually had a conversation.
    Wasn't meaning to evesdrop but if you need help finding an msn version drop me a note o:
    hahaha I totally forgot about doing that until now. Thanks for the flash back!

    what work are you doing?
    and yeah old habits of the internet haven't died for me either really. especially this year, i've been coming on for late nights way more than i should be. lol apart from that I've been working for my schools newspaper like a slave. I'm their design director currently, which compliments my graphic design classes quite nicely. not sure if the 19 hour weeks are worth it while being in school full time though. :p
    Well I was able to make it through the day without falling asleep, so I think I may be able to get a longer sleep tonight.

    I've got Skype, but I don't get on it much. I can still add you though if you want.
    heeeyyy Naomi. It's george in case it isn't too obvious. lol how've you been?
    That's really lame, there's got to be something you can do.

    I'm alright I guess, I've had a really messed up sleep schedule lately, like I'd go to bed really late and only be able to sleep for three hours and then I can't sleep anymore. Then I'd get tired during the day.

    Real pain in the ass, I hate feeling tired all the time.
    If you came to a show I'd meet you after so we could spend some time together. and I'd give you my autograph. I'd sign whatever you want *wink*

    WTF are you talking about... that is a up from bed picture? I wouldn't mind at all waking up to that. my god woman... you look gorgeous.
    I'd be super jealous of whoever would be dating you... like you have no idea... its like a blend of sexy and beautiful at the same time.
    ... I'd have trouble staying off you... lol

    I'm glad you like them. I've thought very seriously about going into this professionally... I wanna get a little more used to it so I feel like a pro before I get into it. (also the quality is sort of due to a new microphone)
    I mean.. well its you.

    its hard not to crush on someone who has that kind of natural beauty,
    Phsyically and personality wise :D
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