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Recent content by Enchanted Rose

  1. Enchanted Rose

    KHI Rumour Mill

    Post rumours (or 'rumors' for those of you that aren't in the commonwealth) that you have heard in this thread. Rumour: For the next KHI Sings, we will be performing Kanye's Yeezus in its entirety. Source: I have been approached asking if I am willing to lend vocals for the screams on 'I am a...
  2. Enchanted Rose

    Who do you want to form a study group with on KHI?

    A questions we actually care about, right?
  3. Enchanted Rose

    If KHI members were rappers

    Aight, a couple of people were asking for this, due to my encyclopaedic knowledge of rap. I have examined everyone's lyrical flow in detail and matched KHI members with their rap alter egos. (If you're not on the list, you either haven't made enough posts for me to see ya steez or you ain't...
  4. Enchanted Rose

    Help/Support ► Mental Health

    Thanks everyone. I’ve heard that 1 in 4 people in the Western World suffer from mental health problems, but I haven’t personally come across anyone, and of course, it still does have a level of stigma attached, so it’s really useful to hear people’s experiences and opinions. So glad that...
  5. Enchanted Rose

    Help/Support ► Mental Health

    Earlier in the year, I was diagnosed with severe anxiety and severe depression. To be honest, this had probably been going on for some time, but it was only intercepted and identified after I had a series of particularly bad panic attacks. I was referred to a Psychological Unit, but bureaucracy...
  6. Enchanted Rose

    Help/Support ► I feel invisible.

    That's very upsetting - though take some instances of this behaviour with a pinch of salt, as many people seem to be in a state of almost permanent distraction. I know I'm guilty of texting whilst in mid-conversation with someone else. It does sound like they might not value what you're...
  7. Enchanted Rose

    Help/Support ► Am I a horrible person?

    I doubt that you're a horrible person. Some people naively have a sense of entitlement, an expectation that they should be treated with politeness and respect, and this just doesn't happen on the Internet where people are always more brash. Many people aren't on forums/discussion boards to...
  8. Enchanted Rose

    Help/Support ► I'm pretty much like a kawaii Dr. Phil

    It hasn’t been too bad recently, to be honest. I think that was just a particularly bad time in the because I hadn’t had much of my own space – but it helped to have a rant :) I’m still making excuses instead of telling people bluntly that I don’t want to hang out. That’s just me failing to...
  9. Enchanted Rose

    Help/Support ► Anxiety and planes...

    Damn straight! But seriously, make sure your mother accompanies you for as long as possible, and then you'll feel settled in the airport environment before she leaves. Make sure you know the procedure and actually what you have to do when you're at the airport - perhaps write it down in a list...
  10. Enchanted Rose

    Help/Support ► I'm pretty much like a kawaii Dr. Phil

    Thanks so much for your response. I'll definitely check out the film you mentioned. I think it's the feeling of obligation and expectation that's most bothering me. I feel like I HAVE to see or speak to certain friends on a regular basis, when really that shouldn't be the case. If someone is...
  11. Enchanted Rose

    Help/Support ► I'm pretty much like a kawaii Dr. Phil

    Okay, here’s something I’ve been wondering about for a while. Over the half a year or so, I’ve become increasingly keen to keep my distance from friends, family and others. I get slightly irritated when people contact me a lot – either texting or calling or asking me out to do things. And it’s...
  12. Enchanted Rose

    Help/Support ► what to do when you have no direction

    This is definitely what I'd suggest. Real life experience is equally, and perhaps more, valid. It's kind of what I'm doing. Like you, I felt really pushed through the system; I'd already got my bachelors degree by the time I was 20, and all my professors and parents were constantly pressuring...
  13. Enchanted Rose

    Help/Support ► Work, school, stress, etc.

    I agree. It sounds like you have a bit too much on your plate as balancing school and a part time job is hard (and from what I know, you put in a lot of hours at work). Make sure you take a couple of evenings off, so you can basically chill out and not even slightly think of anything stressful...
  14. Enchanted Rose

    Help/Support ► Should I just break up with him?

    Sorry to hear this :( It sounds like immaturity rather than anything else, but nevertheless, I think you have to give a firm signal that such behaviour is unacceptable, and that you won't tolerate being treated that way. He should know what it means to enter a committed relationship, and so...