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  • Yup, I know right? :D *squees loudly*
    Yeah we do wear those hats and gowns, hope mine fits. :D
    So are you ever going to get a Facebook? O.O
    Yup and the guy I like was nice to me. :D
    OMG 1 more dayy till the school's day over
    and Graduation is on Sunday! ^_^
    No, I didn't start the finals yet. Not unitl next week. It was Gym class. D: But today was a better day!
    Yay can't wait to see it! I see. I see. Okay that's fine. Yup it kinda is. Hopefully I do do well. But today was a good day turned bad. >:
    Thanks! I'm glad you had fun too! :D I guess you can e-mail it to me, I’d love to see it! Yes, it was cool but I’m sure your formal was cool too. ^_^ Sure, I could show it to you my Prom pics sometime (in an e-mail). Yes, I must get you that message as well! Actually, I go to college in either late August or early September. Sorry I meant it was the finals that are next week. A message shall be PM soon...
    Actually it was a lot of fun exception of several things I can only explain in a message. Wow, that’s cool. Glad you have fun! Did you wear a dress to it? If so I’d like to see the dress you wore to the formal dance. Yup it was good and I have Prom pics that I might show you and all my other friends (on here) sometime soon. Yes, it was fun alright and one of my crushes was going with another girl but…..oh this is too great to tell you!

    Yes, I’m going off to college. Not excited but have to. But yeah, I’m growing up! Yup it’s next week. Wish me luck!;___;
    Yuppers it is! :D
    School formal sounds fun. I have a prom on Friday (although it's Thursday when I'm typing this). I'm so excited as well! I see. Hope that goes well! lol fake tans, I have a real one. XD Sweet! I want to get a laptop since I'll be graduating and heading off to college soon. Nice. I see. I'm doing alright although I hope Prom goes well since I'm going with this guy I'm friends with but not really into (but we're going as friends). I also have a day off tomorrow as well! :D
    doing fine so far. ^-^

    hmmm~ Kingdom Hearts, of course. oh, and anime. D.Gray-man and Katekyo Hitman Reborn. xD know any?
    Believe me, I did feel out of place for about 5 minutes last year, but once you see everyone there it becomes awesome ^^
    Plus There might be some others from KHI there xD Hundreds of cheaper Anime and Manga there aswell :D
    I might look again for it tomorrow ^^
    I was suprised when I was told about it last year, but Its awesome when you go there. Anime, Games, cosplay and all sorts ^^
    A month after that works making me go down for a month, which means lotsa shintokyo xD
    I have Spyro 1 and 2 but I cant find 3 :(
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