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  • Lol well thank goodness for that. Dont worry take your time and enjoy it,I can honestly wait. LOVE THE UMBREON AVA!
    Hehe well I can't wait till we have our battle... But you have to beat plat first,so it'll prabably be another month or so :p J/K maybe a week?
    IT WORKED MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA IT WORKED NOW I WANNA BATTLE YOU WITH MY NEW HERO TEAM!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA -ahem- I really shouldn't push my luck. I traded the guy a power anklet.
    Like I said I don't know if it'll do it for Wi-Fi as well. I hope it does,anywho I'm making a bold move...I'm trading someone with A CRAPPY INTERNET!!! and I'm the one with the crappy internet
    I'm not sure about Wi-Fi,i think it can. But yea you guessed right. You can even send them out via Wi-fi for other random people to see. Also after you send it out it'll give you a ten digit number for that video. So you can send that number to your friends so they can watch it without looking.
    Yea I figured as much.... I"M AWFUL AT EXPLAINING THINGS Y.Y Lol in platinum you can record and save battles that you had against others or at the battle frontier. It's basically the same thing we had in emerald.
    Ouch....well hey you're getting the pokemon! say when you beat it and everything,tell me when you enter the battle frontier. Cuz there's a vid I want you to see!
    I'd love to help but I don't know if my internet can pull it off... I usually go somewhere else to use wi-fi.
    Yea I did. I just transfered the pokemon I didnt see over from pearl. There are 210 pokemon to see.
    Uhh the team is going well... For the most part,I'm keeping my pokemon at lvl 50 cuz there's supposed to be a DS tourny some time in june. Other than that I'm all done with my H.E.R.O. team.
    Thats ok,you have other things to do. I totally understand. So when you do get Plat. Take your time and enjoy it. The game was soooooo entertaining. Beat it in 6 days though XD. Sure no problem,I can wait a lil longer with our battle.
    Cool cool. I hope we can battle soon...I g2g for now,I should be back on in an hour and thirty min. HOPEFULLY. I'll talk to you soon.
    I see,well good luck with that...Is earthquake avalible as a prize in the BT? I don't remember.(The second time I said "I see....SORRY)
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