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  • Well at least its gone....the pop ups are there just to annoy you. Anywho..hows your team?
    Hey don't worry about it,its all good. Man a virus huh? How are you gonna get that out?
    Heh I have all the natures written down on paper somewhere. As for IVs its more complicated. Lets see if I can explain. IV stands for Individual values. There are set numbers that range from 0-31. These numbers help determine how fast that certain stat will grow. From my experience 30 and 31 will always give you the max benifet. Take Jolteon for example,his highest speed can reach 397. But having a speed nature alone wont get you there. Thats where the IVs come in. lol long I know...But I'm not done yet....then again I dun know if I'm right....
    Yea no lie. But trying to breed for the right nature and great IV's is time consuming...
    It's hard coming up with your original strats. Now your scaring me....this could be an EBIL team.....-shivvers-
    Oh wow,taking a page from another trainers book huh? I'd like to see this stratigy.
    Lol its not a four pokemon team..I was just going out at random. In my head it stands for High Electricity Rotomic Output. Sounds soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dumb,but a little funny. Ugh such an embarrassing name.-shrugs- Oh well.
    True about not having all puregrounds. I have two teams under maintence,one of which is called H.E.R.O. I just made the name up XD
    That's pretty good. there are three pokemon there that I haven't fought in a while. I don't want to be rude or anything,but be careful with ice types.
    Thats great,hopefully we can battle sometime soon,well it all depends if I can get a reliable connection...satillite internet doesnt work well here. I'll be waiting till then.
    LOL I meant this afternoon. Sorry for the mix up. I'm on the move again so I'll talk to you later.TY for the comment ^^
    Lol same here,but don't worry....you may or may not see him. Anywho I gotta get going. I hope to see you sometime around...3 or 4 I can't be sure. Have fun trianing and I hope you find an Umbreon avatar soon! Btw do you like the BG I have for my profile? I'd like your opinoin.
    Hey thats cool....I've been busy with other things besides pokemon anyways. I've got my Gastrodon completed finally. I gotta go in like 30 to 40 minutes.
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