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  • Yea I know but my uncle has a 3-do and he has the game
    I wanted to play it because of AVGN
    and WOW the game sucks
    I have it in my currently playing because Im still in the part were that slut goes to her job interview
    hey.we might know each other but.when i was viewing a thread.i notice your funny signature.lol.funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.it cracks me up.:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
    exactly. nomura wouldn't just pull something out of his ass because he wanted it to look cool but because it was an actual idea he had.
    hey dnize, i didnt get a chance to post in ur thread before it got closed but i read the since it refers to nobodies as the third enemy, that would make heartless the second enemy, and unbirths the first enemy since chronologically they would have came first. hope that makes sense. ev1 that posted on ur thread was just a little too harsh about the credibility of 'deep dive.'
    bout ur thread of nobody being the third enemy. they are because unbirths r the first being in bbs 10 YEARS before kh1 were the heartless r first introduced and then the nobodies being introduced in kh2 makes them the third enemy
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