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    How many forms MX will have in the final battle?

    Hershey Edit: Yeah, I deleted the joke thing. Carry on with the MX stuff. And thread starter, don't put it up again, please. Okay guys "How many forms of Master Xehanort boss battles do you think there will be? I think about five!.
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    Similiar Cutscene to Final Fantasy VII

    Everytime I see this scene it reminds me of one of the beginning scenes for FFVII
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    The Third Enemy, The Nobody

    In the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix it mentions this Third? All we knew about at the time was Heartless. Nobodies are technically the second enemy of our knowledge at the time.
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    The meaning of Xion

    Since so many of the key characters have some sort of meaning to their names [example: Terra = Earth , Namine = Wave, Sora = Sky] does Xion ,or maybe an anagram of Xion, have same sort of meaning to it? I was wondering because maybe it would help us get a sense in who Xion truely is.
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    Terra's eyes inverted same color as Xemnas [and vise versa]

    I inverted Terra's eyes and they were the same color as Xemnas, than i did the same thing thing to Xemnas and his eyes were blue like Terra's eyes.
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    Can this be the black keyblade?

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    Terra and Ven vs Sora and Riku [cheat]

    YouTube - KH2FM Riku's Voice & Hack Roxas in Terra's Fight i thought this looked interesting.
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    New info bout DS version

    IGN: TGS 2007: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
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    I wonder why DS's face hasn't been reveiled yet unlike the others...

    Do you think he might have a face that also bears a striking resemblance to a character from the previous KH games? Just a thought.
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    Was the Organization around at that time?

    In the cutscene with Master Yen Sid, he said that when King Mickey heard about the Organization XIII he went off to find out more and during his adventure he was gifted the Keyblade to darkness (the one thats like the kingdom hey but golden) and in the secret video he obviously didn't have the...
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    Old man turned his keyblade into Kingdom Hearts?

    I was looking at the Secret Ending and it appears he transformed his keyblade into a ball of energy and then shot it into the sky creating a heartshaped moon known as kingdom hearts. So did it take a keyblade to create Kingdom Hearts? So Sora could easily make another Kingdom Hearts? :confused:
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    Forms Represent the people from the Secret Movie!

    Valor Form = Ven Wisdom Form = Aqua Master Fom= Terra Final Form = Old Man Anti-Form = Dark Soldier your thoughts?
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    Summon Cloud?

    Could you summon Cloud Strife in RE:CoM like you could in CoM
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    Room of Sleep... Room of Awakening...

    Sora fell into a vast sleep, in Castle Oblivion, so that maybe the Room of Sleep. Sora woke up in the Abandoned Mansion, so could that be the Room of Awakening?! the Abandoned Mansion had a bunch of freezer thingies! and BHS was frozen in the secret movie! also there was rooms in the mansion...
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    What was your favorite keyblade in the secret movie?

    I liked the Old Man's keyblade, that looked very sexy... and calling a keyblade sexy either takes alot of guts or just the fact that it is sexy.