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  • Watching all the cutscenes for birth by sleep, wishing KH3D would hurry up and come out, haha.
    I'm fine. Almost every class gave us weekend homework, but I finished most of it before I left school. I have some pictures to work on, and I have to practice clarinet...

    Oh, more people do know me, now... *u* Yay~

    By the way, I saw you checked out Mite's story. Isn't so funny? X3
    I don't know how I missed your message! D: Sorry!
    Glad to hear it's nothing serious, then...
    I know, it can be so surreal~ I assume. I forget most, but I have a feeling that they were cool. :3

    Sorry, but I have to head off for school in the morning now. :c Goodnight~
    Good evening! :D I'm fine, you?
    I almost never remember my dreams, and the ones I do remember are so weird... ^^;
    It was pretty amazing, but I couldn't stay there for too long. @_@ Dirty? Hm... I can't quite recall... though they do have litter.
    I've never been to the ocean... :c
    I'm the same way! It make it hard to speak up for myself and sometimes to meet new people...

    How often would you say you forget what you're doing?
    I suppose it is considered really country... it's different from the big cities, I know that much. I've been to New York, but I found it too crowded and fast paced for me to handle.
    I've tried to learn, but... I almost drowned... ^^; I don't if I'd swim in the ocean...
    Favorite memory? That's a hard one, if only because I'm so forgetful... Hm... I was really happy at my sixth grade graduation when I tied for Valedictorian and won lots of metals and my dad even came down to see me. :3
    What's one of you lesser regrets?
    I live in the country, yep. ~Arkansas~

    I think so, too, since Sora had to wake her up and save her~ haha. :3

    I'm scared of a lot of things... but worse is probably drowning again. I've felt the feeling before, and it is just so awful... that said, I still love being in water, despite the fact I can't swim.
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