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Recent content by Diastyl

  1. D

    Help/Support ► A Big Problem

    She can access main page but not the forums
  2. D

    Help/Support ► A Big Problem

    The page won't load. It just says "Interent explorer cannot find page" and other stuff. She also tried Mozilla Firefox but it still doesn't work!
  3. D

    Help/Support ► A Big Problem

    Guys, our friend Luna1017 needs help! She can't log into KHI forums, even though she uses wifi, internet..etc... Does anyone know why and can help? Thanks!
  4. D

    That Girl In The Corner

    Hey guys, it's een quite a while since I've been here! I've been real busy, but then here I am with a new poem to share (out of boredom again) :) That Girl In The Corner by Diastyl All I remember was her pretty name It was Kelly She always bowed her head, like she was in shame And stared at...
  5. D

    Like the Tears She Cried (Poem)

    Like the tears She Cried The boy was a six year old, young and wild He was hard to control and possesive The girl was also six, a sweet and gentle child She was caring and never aggressive They met as young children and began a game Chasing each other, it was the first one But he was...
  6. D

    How long in Castle Oblivion?

    I thought it was about 26 days, but then CoM makes it seem like only a few hours. Maybe Sora and co. forgot about the passing time?
  7. D

    Young Lea and Saix Somebody

    Wow they look so cute!!!! I can't wait to see them in BBS XD Saix's Somebody looks a little evil XD
  8. D

    Which boss do you think is the most annoying

    Now I find Vexen pretty annoying...
  9. D

    Fanfiction ► Chosen

    Awwww, pooooor Stitch! DX
  10. D


    It took me 25 minutes and only one try But it was still hard >.>
  11. D

    Best Day Ever!!

    Well, I also like the day where they had a Day Off.... It was fun XD
  12. D

    Hardest/Easiest Boss Fight In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

    Hardest: Ruler of the Sky Esiest: Riku (Im being serious)
  13. D

    Best Day Ever!!

    I loved Days 357-359 I loved the music, fights, and the awesomeness! XD The dramatic parts were great, too
  14. D

    Favourite Lines in 358/2?

    "Who will I have ice cream with?" -Roxas Funniest crap yet! Cheesy, but I support RoXion!
  15. D


    Well, there's a possibility that Phil didnt really care about mentioning other trainers in Olympus Coliseum. Games matter more for him Or maybe Phil really wasn't there in Birth By Sleep?