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That Girl In The Corner

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Feb 25, 2009
Hey guys, it's een quite a while since I've been here! I've been real busy, but then here I am with a new poem to share (out of boredom again) :)

That Girl In The Corner
by Diastyl

All I remember was her pretty name
It was Kelly
She always bowed her head, like she was in shame
And stared at us silently

It was my fault she was like that
Lonely, and in pain
I bullied her, I was a brat
And her school days always rained

Once, she was happy
But she laughed too loudly
Or her ideas worked differently
I wanted her to stop bothering me

I told bad things about Kelly
I said she stole, cheated, lied
and she lost her virginity early
My heart was too black to see those tears she cried

I remember the way her face paled at my words
The way her browns eyes stared, her soul smashed
The way our our lauhter echoed in what she thought was a happy world
And after that, her smiles breathed their last

Now she sat at the corner and watched us having fun
Perhaps she wanted soneone to talk to until the end
Her deepest desire was a simple friend
She was, however, one and remained one

Kelly was now a shadow to us all
Though sometimes I glanced at her eyes
I wondered if I had not done that nasty surprise
Someone would be there if she was to fall

After a while, Kelly began cutting classes
And my friends were cruel
They destroyed her books, and glasses
Finally, she dropped out of school

One day, I heard from a classmate that Kelly died
I was shocked to hear
That she committed suicide
From those words, I understood real pain and fear

Sometimes I look back, and think about Kelly
Perhaps she was happy and no loner needed to pretend
Maybe there she had friends
Still her death plagued my mind, hauntingly

Now I'm kind to those different people, to make up for the horror
I dont care if they think oddly, or dress up weird, or too shy
I dont want to see that sad look in anyone's eyes
Because I still think about tha girl in the corner


I didnt do any of this in real life, but then I find it a sad poem that I can relate too as Kelly or the narrator

Tell me what youu guys think
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