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  • I'm not sure either. That really sucks how people with a higher standing are just about invincible from everyone except Silh.

    I haven't been around that long, maybe a few weeks, 'bout a month. I learn quick though, so I've found out plenty of things. Like how you can't really be banned unless they have a legitimate reason and bring it up to one of the God Mods.
    Ah, ok. He ended up crashing a thread of mine that I made just recently so I was ticked to see him there. I started something asking what people would do as one of the mods, but then a bunch of mods showed up and decided to team up with him and turn it into an insult fest, involving threats of my banning. :/

    Is it possible to report mods themselves?
    Hi Dboi. Your thread seems to be getting better then when it first started out.
    How very 20th century of you. People don't usually appologize nowadays.
    It's no problem. In return, I want to say I'm sorry for the negative rep I had given you. I get steamed when somebody doesn't accept what little niceness I show. Ehehehe.
    Anyway, you're free to go and do whatever now. No more guilt.
    I can't believe those people are allowed to do that on these threads. The same guys came and completely wrecked one of my own.
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