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  • I agree completely now. I'm just satisfied I went with the PS3, surely I didn't make a great mistake xD

    I'm heading off to PSN.

    If you want to add me here's my PSN ID : RcKnMeXiCaNo12
    and leave a message, telling me it's you ok that is if you decide to add me! :D
    Doesn't beat the 360's Quality, sadly. Even though I hate 360's.
    But PS3 does win best console, due to having Netflix shortly and Cross Voice Chat. xD Surely that'll make 360 useless.
    Nice! I'd rather wait for them and listen to one of the songs ripped from the game, youtube.

    I love my PS3 I had it for a year now, yesterday making it one whole year.
    Nah Nah, I'm ok. If it's good, go for it. No one is stopping you.

    Anyways, You own a PS3 right? Because that Avatar doesn't seem to lie xD
    Longest like a week or days. Anyways, if it's recorded the point of having it is pointless. Surely hope Activision releases an album, would pick it up to jam with.
    They hacked the disc and took whatever they could from it? Oh those Illegal Bastards! Anyways, I know how to torrent but it takes forever if you don't have seeds to help it make it go faster!
    LAWL Well they just need some good ones! Like Katy Perry and Cascada mixes!

    Sadly, there is no soundtrack seeing as the mixes used in the game are only exclusive to the game T_____T
    XD OH, that would be an awesome mix. They need some Cascada too! like Miracle/Barbie Girl xDDDDD

    The DLC is pricy though, I hope it isn't true.
    Wait?! We Will Rock You/Robot Rock . Baby Got Back/Blue (Da Ba Dee) isn't on the game?! or what? I didn't quite catch your flow xD

    Anyways, the DLC is sorta sick well the first pack really xD
    Man, I haven't reached those songs yet!
    I bought it today, and still need to go further!

    But I'll keep an ear out for that song!

    You wanna VS sometime?
    Haha, I love the mixes though. I can't wait to see what they'll come up next!
    Boom Boom Pow/Satisfaction seems to be my favorite mix so far.

    I got only 3 4 stars xD, and it sucks there isn't any practice mode lawl.
    Oh yes, I'm not even kidding either.
    I might move to hard if it doesn't go fast enough!
    And expert is very ridiculous, I mean it will take someone a bit while to 100% the very diffiuclt ones!
    I don't have an X-box either, I just played one over at my friend's house and managed to get 10 trophies in 1 hour. XD
    I think My system has the largest memory storage, we got ripped off though. The clerk told us it could play ps2 games. It doesn't. :mad:

    Since I haven't played it in like ever, I only remember my Rock Band Trophies. They're ok, just want something more epic though.
    I like how you can get trophies on it though. They didn't go overkill with it either like X-box. Another problem with the system is how with the larger versions, you have to get an attachable fan.
    Actually, I haven't been on the ps3 for ages. Been waiting for the Final Fantasies. The only time I ever get online on that thing is to download updates for a game, those take forever.
    Threads go by the order of when a post is made, and how old the thread is. So discussions can make it completely go out of whack and hard to learn anything really.

    If you were wanting to start a thread on it, go to the Gaming for Gamers section. {I sound like an answering machine. T_T}
    Silh, as far as I know, Is one of the creators of KHI. So he basically runs these forums. He doesn't ever post much unless it's on one of his own threads, which are mostly serious topics.

    This place does get bad at times, but it's hard to find forums that at least have some order, and a population.
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