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  • Whaaa!? But trains are cool! A nice leisurely ride never hurt anyone~ 8D
    I've found old people are easist to deal with if you just agree or keep quiet. They keep going anyway like it's a two way conversation. xD
    Science project? =D
    You trip was a whole month!? When I was in school they wouldn't even take us someplace for a whole day. I don't know what Ukrainian is...I'm sorry. ;n;
    lol Whaaaa!? If your gonna dare you gotta DARE woman! xD What about trolling on the cheek pfft the tongue in ear was your punishment. lol
    Alfred who? He must've been a student or something, most americans are lucky to have that kinda muscle build. lol
    Maybe he was afraid you was gonna take his cheese? xD *cause he's swiss lmao*

    Whats the point of a lesson if the ones being taught die!? xD
    Your home is beautiful!! =O I live in a risk area too but it's not as pretty. I love your pictures of snow most.
    I like good old traditional music. =u=
    There's trains to ride there?! 8D I like trains~
    *sighes* You won't find anyone like that even in the countryside of America. You might get directions from someone or find a nice old person but that's it. No one is trusting, everyone is on drugs and the embodiment of ignorance. You can't even afford to be trusting here because of home invasions of idiots young and old trying to find pills.
    Then you find a way to spread your word! =O Just you talking g makes me wish I was there. My country is a lie, never believe what you see of America.
    I never cared for Dracula. I find vampires highly overused, dull and mostly just for porn and love stories anymore. I do know of the actual Blad though thanks to history channel, the i palling was....graphic. Dx
    Is it all countryside? =D
    "Human-ness" like they're just happy or friendly peopl? o_0 Id like to go someplace where everyone is so friendly. All the people around my area are drug addicts or just freakin stupid. America in general needs that omenie. =_=
    The problems wouldn't go away. If the bad or rich people disappear new ones will eventually take their place. America is a place founded by normal people and political jobs switch out often but it's still one of the most laughable excuses on the planet. At most getting rid of all the bad people will only make things straight for a decade or so.
    It's mandatory to drink the ash. Folks know this method since centuries, and they say it always solves the problem... well, it really does. But I think, if you believe in something strongly enough, that thing becomes real. So in a psychological level, if they believe it's a ghoul's fault, then the ghoul becomes real for them, and the solution works if they believe in the solution as the only way.
    Romania is a country with amazingly beautiful landscapes and nature and animals and the good people are full of life and .. I don't know how to call it, we call it "omenie" in Romanian and that means "human-ness", the trait you have when you're so just human, positively, and are optimistic, good-natured, and good to party with, I guess ^^;
    other than that, we're currently drowning in corruption and that sucks. That's out only problem. If the corruption would be gone and the rich asses that lead us the wrong way would just disappear, then all our problems would find solutions and we'd become a richer country...but right now it's a country of liars and thieves, political-wise
    Your from Romania!? What's that like? *o*
    I've heard that word strigoi somewhere.....They drink the ashes!? o_o C-can't they just stab it......
    I saw in history channels that ghoul like creatures is one of those myths shared by most ancient cultures. It was fascinating because even though stories of undead/zombie/ghoul creatures go back eons things like vampires are actually more recent. They can't even trace the word vampire past medieval times.
    The tokyo ghoul story took an old myth and made it new don't ya think? They're not supernatural just another type of species that unfortunately is engineered to eat humans. xD
    It has nothing to do with the illuminati. xD Though one of the supernatural characters is a triangle like form.
    Well that is the typical sitaution but it's different with Tokyo Ghoul. The manga isn't just the better story it's also more throughly explained and stuff doesn't feel like it just skips around and the character development happens making more sense as to why Ken is so trusting or why Touka always helps him. The animation just skins through all of that. The anime doesn't even explain that the kagune of a ghoul is an organ or that the investigator weapons are made from that organ.
    Lol it's fine to see it animated but I so recommend reading the manga too so it'll make more sense. The first manga is only a hundred and sixty odd ghapters so it's not long. After that the story diverges. There's a sequel manga but it's story is different from the second season of the anime. A choice by the manga author himself as he worked on both and diverged them purposely.
    That is a DA of pure beauty!!!!!! ;A; <3
    You saw it!? Awesome isn't it!? =D The anime is a bit of a disappointment though. You should read the manga. It details the story far better. The anime kinda jumps around. >~<
    What I've been watching was Gravity Falls all day xD Does it show? Gravity Falls by Dravoo on DeviantArt
    haha I learned how to work the lineart tool. =u= I only use it after I'm done coloring though so I have okay linearts underneath as well. Woo traditional! I actually used a handdrawn sketch for that picture.
    I don't know who Yuumei is but I wanna be that good! ;A;
    lmao Oh Max~
    I used to watch the original Yugioh but I didn't like abridged. I did like Hellsign abridged though. xD

    Look what I can do now! Touka (finished) by Dravoo on DeviantArt =D
    So he likely made the Roxas vs Riku one too? People amaze with stuff like that. I can't even mess with a computer without breaking it.
    Aww that's to bad. =[ Kids can be nice so long as they aren't a brat.
    I dont mind children in the slightest. In fact kids seem to be drawn to me to some degree as with anyone on my dads side of the family. They're easy to handle too. You just have to know how. Kids are hyper but they are also very easy to grasp in attention. Find something that interests them and they'll be distracted.
    One thing kids like to do is watch other people play games. They also like tricks or the easiest one for toddler who have just learned to walk is to chase them. They love to run around like it's tag plus since their legs are short you can basically just pace behind them as they run till they get tired and fall asleep. =u=

    The only people that have it rough with kids are parents. lol
    I like how you like the game because of it's arts and graphics :D I love your story :)
    Although KH1 was released in 2002, We never had a PS2 back in the day in 2002. We finally had a PS2 in the year 2005(it was a surprise gift from our parents),then my cousin introduced Kingdom Hearts to my little brother. He got interested in the game and bought one for himself. Though he was never able to finish it since he was stuck in the Clayton boss fight. We brought the PS2 to our province(that we have a house there) since we have a TV there. My big sister got interested in Kingdom Hearts and decided to play it herself. My little brother and I watched her play. When I saw it's opening video, I was so moved by it's graphics and KH characters and with the Disney characters too and it's battle system of hack and slash with the battle menu. And I said to myself "I wanna play this game". And Kingdom Hearts inspired me to draw too. And I also said "I wanna draw something like that"So I asked my little brother, if I can play this game, and he said "yes, you can play this game". And when I played it, It was so much fun! :D
    Oh I see, It's alright. :) So what game consoles or handhelds do you have? :) I see wo
    i guess there won't be an English version of KH chi thanks for the into. :) What did you like about KH?
    I see I hope you get that Kingdom Hearts Chi of Vanitas card :D Wait is that game in the English version? Or still in the Japanese version? :) Yeah Ven is does it for the fan girls :D Im okay too. What other KH games have you played so far?
    Hey Dark Heroine,how are you :)Can I ask you to check out I posted in your thread shirtless Ven? If it's okay with you. :)
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