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  • maybe if you post that 32897563876598475109428750958763098475209847609856795658976983476 more butthurt times
    i know right. dude made me so butthurt i can't even believe how butthurt he made me i'm too butthurt to sit my butthurt butt down
    Nice Raiden sig, I watched my friend play MGS4 for 15 minutes 12 of said minutes was of Raiden killing these lizards dragon mechs(gecios I think they are called) then he fought some vampire and almost died. Best fucking video game cutscene ever.
    Hey check this Square Enix based forum www.enix-online.com/forums, We just started out, But it is an awesome friendly community, We have everything you need, RPG Inferno which willllll be awesome, comes out sometime july, We have an shoutbox, arcade, award system and much more We are a role playing, anime, gaming, and graphics site as well so please take 2 minutes out of your life and check it out.

    Sadly I do not think I have a Life Orb. I have some TMs and event pokemon. Johto starters and shit. A shiny Chatot the Platinum Regi's.
    Oh, and tell me what you want in exchange for this awesomeness.
    It's up to you really but all I know is it needs these EVs: 96 HP / 120 Def / 40 SpD / 252 Spe (Change them if you'd like)
    So, do want you want / can because I've got charge my DS until tomorrow.
    No nickname but if you want to do some leveling that'd be great.
    where da fux is mah smeargle boi

    I figured out the problem. You changed your password. Since it's owned by you, I'm not allowed to play it at all unless your password is saved on my account...if you don't mind, please let me know your password so I can play the beta ;_____; but if it's messing you too up I understand.
    Bad..news... I tried to play today and it said that my account couldn't access this content. I tried to sign into your account but it said the password was wrong? Did you change your password? Well regardless...i can't play now and I gave my only code to ANTSUN...so. I'm. Pissed. First shooter game I've liked in a while.
    Umm I'd give it to them all at once. The only problem I have with it is what level to give it to them.... Since the guy gave it to his pokemon at lvl 20.

    But yea,give them the medicines of the two stats you want,and just go from there.
    How did you get you get a legit Celebi? The location didn't say "faithfull encouter" and it wasn't in a cherish ball. I thought?
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