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  • Ahh I see your point. Though I battle Floatzels and Gyarados off of route 222. I'm more of the speedster when it comes to that.

    But hey it's just my opinion,Good luck in your training.
    Ok watched the vid.and his explanation on things were pefectly clear. Now you can give the 10 meds,and are still able to continue with the rest of the EV training. The reason why it's limited is becasue they don't want you to cheat XD

    However,the list he gave for the pokemon you have to fight.... he's right and wrong. It's true that starly's and Machops give out 1 EP everytime you defeat them. But I do it differently. I'll give you a list of the pokemon that give off those same stats,but give you 2 EP instead of one.
    Ok part B. Of your question....I'll have to process it more right now,the math is just flinging through my mind xD

    Ok well main question, You pretty much answered it yourself. You said,and it's correct,that if you give 10 protiens to a pokemon,they get 100 EP in that stat. Well the rules say that 252 is the max so...you've got the 152 left. And with what you said in part B. (Which is slowly making sense XD I'm slow) Looks to be about right!
    Sorry D-Assassin,I can't watch that vid at the moment. I'm using satellite internet,so we have a download limit,and youtube takes most of it up xD

    So I'll give you what I think right now,then I'll watch the Vid when I can,and see what I think then.

    Giving them nutrient drinks,it doesn't help much IMO. Cuz you could accidently lose track of how many points are in that stat,and I honestly don't see that much stat gain when I level. And on top of all of that,getting those drinks are EXPENSIVE!
    Whaaaat??!?!?!?!? Yes it was a big mistake, I played it but I never had the greatness of beating it. The final boss is supposed to be extreamly hard.
    Oh yeah GOW3 is another. I really want to play the inFAMOUS demo now. Tell me more about this Sly 4 cameo.
    For me that is the main reason I want it. I also want Rachet: FTOD and the new Rachet and Clank game coming to the PS3. Oh and KH3 I guess if it ever happens. I also want sly 4 when it comes out.
    Yeah Versus looks like the best. I just need to get a PS3 first. I was a bit happy that I at least get to play XIII since it is going to be one the 360.
    I know right.It is not your avatar though I made this one myself. What is this new fad with the whole /[insert letter here]/ thing?
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