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Recent content by cloudwolf124

  1. C

    The tale of a nobody

    This is something i cam up with it was supposed to KH fanfic hence the title but i figured it would be better a a random short story so i let you read this and critiscim is appreciated thank you The tiredness of a long day at school and strong feelings of desperation as the...
  2. C

    Hurting inside

    This is actually something i wrote in one of classes about this girl i met in my lunch period but i am afriad to tell her how i feel please enjoy I am hurting in inside everytime i see her face I want to tell her how i feel but the words wont come I wish I could show But what would she say...
  3. C


    My arms restrained by all of the chains My body constricted My movement restricted This feeling of pain of false redemption The darkness forever The light a treasure The chains are weakening i feel my arms pull free Darkness disappearing Light coming back An eternity in prison a life...
  4. C

    358/2 days honest opinion

    He makes an excellent point
  5. C

    Days manga: chapter 1 scanlation

    This was so cool cant wait for the rest.
  6. C

    What level did you beat...

    Marluxia- 45-48 ansem- 40
  7. C

    The Tale of Wolf

    Okay this is a different version of a short story i did for English class last year i am running off alot of what i remember so here its is. Critiquing is appreciated. I watched as the dark storm clouds loomed over the valley. The village seemed to welcome the darkness that was so close to...
  8. C

    Fanfiction ► Lost in the Blue

    this seems pretty good hope theres more
  9. C

    Sora's stolen keyblade

    this person seems to be the only person who makes any real sense
  10. C

    Fanfiction ► Roxas. These eyes hold the truth.[minor spoilers.]

    i never read a story like this before nice perspective i like it
  11. C

    Fanfiction ► Knightfall {Division by Zero KH Fanfic}

    Poor Goofy i cant believe hes gone and nice story is there more
  12. C

    Fanfiction ► After The Rain [KH1]

    Awesome i like it. You are a most excellent writer
  13. C

    Fanfiction ► After The Rain [KH1]

    This story is good...Whens the next chapter going to be posted?
  14. C

    Fanfiction ► The Warriors of Twilight: The Haunted Mansion PT 5!

    Re: The Warriors of Twilight: The Haunted Mansion PT 4! spooky and suspenseful......i like it
  15. C

    Fanfiction ► The Warriors of Twilight: The Haunted Mansion PT 5!

    Re: The Warriors of Twilight: The Haunted Mansion PT 2! Really good cant wait for the rest