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  • Cloud are you going to post in the rp anytime soon. I mean your like really behind.
    Its okay dude. Some have been pretty busy this week. So your not the only one
    uh just a little reminder to post in HOC. Don't want you to get left behind ^^
    Oh thats okay. As long as you are okay with you and her. Than its okay
    Lol I can see that a bit. Well for me its been good so far. Wait I'm kinda confuse. Basically she wants you post as Renzor, but gives you what she would say? Is that the basic idea
    Yeah that is basically it. I don't see Chaos having a problem with it but go ahead and run it by him anyways just in case.
    Yeah that is very true. I'm not exactly sure how I am going to post with him yet since I am yet to look over him since currently I'm not at home where all my templates are. But I'll probably come up with somehting. And if you want since Chaos already knows that I can write with him well, you can show me your post where you report to him and I can write what I would have him say. Essentially PP with permission. That way you aren't held up by my busy weekend.
    bummer for you dude that your bored. Well today is my birthday and I'm suppose to go somewhere special with my family today.
    LOL!!!! Very true!! XD

    Well at least you had fun! I mean you could have done absolutely nothing interesting and then your departure would have been a complete waste!
    Eh don't feel too bad, I log in rarely to be honest. I am here only because of the few friends I have left and the few RP's I care about... Which are run by the few friends I have left...Lol.

    But I have been good! Busy but good! But then again I think that that is always my answer... Hmm I should come up with something more original to say I think.

    How about you?
    When that comes than I'll deal with it. Just got to go with the flow of things. Can't predict everything goes well. Just got to go with things XD
    Don't worry my friend, like I said Leon isn't one to give up and neither am I for that one. Trust me he has many tricks in his bag.
    Probably right about that, but remember Leon isn't one to give up so easily. XD
    Try not to get to cocky my friend. I have changed alot since the first HOC ^^.
    Trust me I have many ways. Well Leon does and one you will almost hate. XD
    OMG Leon would so kill him for that. I got to wait for Sparks's reaction first XD
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