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  • Even more lucky. XD
    From the spoilers I've read the endgame is so packed tight with stuff that several characters get only a small part of attention which makes some "resolutions" feel rushed or only surface-scratching.
    Well, that some form of "death" exists in the KH verse we know from the secret Ansem reports in KH 2 already, only memories and by extension hearts are immortal to some degree.

    The secret ending is a total WTF-moment, for several reasons.
    Oh, got a lucky streak, huh?
    Corona will be my goal today as I did Toybox first. With my schedule and workload I'm trying now to do one world each evening during the week and hopefully finish my first playthrough on the coming weekend.

    Snow, lol, in the area I live we barely know how snow looks anymore due to seldom having some.

    Some are truly well hidden this time around and need world specific gimmicks to be found or using free flow abilities creatively.

    Most likely. ;P
    Heh, I originally intended that too. Just rushing through and taking in the story for the first playthrough...but then collection fever set in.
    Some of the treasure chests are really well hidden this time around and you need to think outside the box to find some of them.

    If you're good in school any possible homework should be quickly dealt with, lol.

    In a full time job you have to do the required time and concentrate highly on your tasks. I do hope though I can continue this evening with KH III and finish Toybox.
    Indeed, lol.
    I haven't played too far yet mainly because I already went treasure hunting and capturing Hidden Mickeys, but it is loads of fun up to now and has many little extra tidbits that give context and build up for the story.
    Many thanks, lol.

    Originally I planned to reach legendary exactly when KH III released but the discussions about the leaks drove my post count up pretty fast.
    To all who appreciate my presence here, once KH3 releases is when I may say goodbye to the forums for good. The long await will soon be done and we'll all feel satisfied to have finally have had to the chance to play the game entirely. Saying this now so that anyone who cares can know a 13-17 day ahead of time.

    This website was my first social media, yep. I had nothing else but this. Just a dumb 8th grader who suffered depression twice wanting to seek others for comfort. In that process did I make mistakes that costed friendships, again I was stupid. I have embarrassed myself on many occasions, which isn't a surprise. I made very poor life decisions, getting emotionally attached to people in school who only got close to me just to know my weaknesses and use them against me. As time progressed here on the forums, I learned more and grew. I'm not saying I'm incredibly mature but definitely better than I once was almost 3 years ago.
    I have a lot to do to improve myself still. I've been working hard to get into the movie industry, and hopefully one day be successful. I need to improve my art and find a style cause yeesh, I still don't like my "work" lol. And a bunch of other skills I need to work on too, but I guess one at a time.
    There were tons of people here who have inspired me and have been a sort of "wake-up call" to get my life together. Many fond memories were made here, which I never expected when joining. Many things I was going to do here never came to be. My life in the real world has changed in good and bad ways, many times have I not had the time to be on here. Nowadays I'm here for Riku and KH3. But once KH3 is here and passed, the only reason I'd be here would really be Riku. And soon, once I'm graduated, the rest of my life's decisions will be more important.
    So yeah, there's a lot of good people here I've met, and others that really ruined the fun. I shall always be deemed as the "girl who always changed her avatar like every week or 3 days". But I may visit here often after I leave, see how this website will have changed after KH3.
    So in the meantime, those active here still who wants to keep in touch, I'll see what I can do. But for social media other than the forums, I'm not usually active on them.

    So here I am, readying my leave and waiting for Riku to get his butt over here so we can walk the Road to Dawn together. One day I'll find my Riku, one whom loves me as much as I do him. In the meantime, I'll focus on graduating.

    This is an early farewell note, I may do another later. I may do a few more posts here on the forums for the next couple weeks, but then I'm off.
    We may not have talked very much but I appreciated how you kept the Riku FC going. Will that be closed permanently when you leave or can people still post there if they are members? I'm hoping to still be able to post in that fan club. As someone who fell in love with Riku myself and who also wishes to find someone like him, I wish you luck finding your Riku in real life. I have loved him as a character ever since I played KH1 in January 2018 as a new KH fan and my fondness has only grown more with every game, with KH3 continuing to show why Riku is my favourite character in the series. Good luck for the future.
    People can still post on the FC, as long as it involves Riku. So yes, you still can. :)
    Yeah, I may have found my own Riku, but it's hard saying. Time will tell. Riku gradually became my favorite character when I joined the forums in 2016. He's a cool dude, and you're cool too. Man, I was gone for a bit and the forums already look different! xD
    Thanks, I'm traveling some states tomorrow for a 3 day long competition. I'm hoping all goes well. Yeah, planning my future to get into the film industry, really wanting to become a professional photographer though. Hope your future is bright! I'll keep stopping by here every so often, but other than that I've pretty much left.
    Hoi little lady, do you have any other social media accounts?
    I figure since you've nearly disappeared it would help to have another way of communication, maybe steam?
    Oh, my other accounts are in the Social Media thread, but I'll put the links here too: you can find me on my main tumblr, my fandom reblogs tumblr or my deviantArt,
    You can also add me on PSN, of course, the username's DarkGrey-
    though of course I log in only during vacations when I am at home, with my consoles xD
    Hey little lady, how've you been? have you been a good girl lately? I hear you've stumbled across more KH merch at gamestop. Guess I ought to go out for a bit of a spending spree there.
    Hey there Howler dear~ sorry for the late reply, but I don't log in to KHI anymore. I'll leave this place, so I'm here to say my goodbyes
    I'm glad to hear international shops are really stepping up their KH game, I can't relate to that magic here tho. I'd love the Daft Punk Vanitas pop, but that's a dream for another year
    anyway... the forums won't be my place anymore, so uh... there's that. This place is full of jerks already + I avoid KH3 info/spoilers, so I'd rather take my leave now. Anyway, don't worry, ther est of my irl stuff is going very nicely, I'm studying, researching, drawing, listening to awesome music and enjoying stuff. I'll also be playing Bloodborne this vacation, I can't wait!
    I hope you're having fun and I'm sending you hugs <3 take care, dear, and goodbye <3
    I'm sorry to hear that little lady, i really am. I can honestly relate with the stress part. I'm cursed into a neverending cycle of science courses with ludicrous requirements (like a 10 question weekly quiz filled with trick questions) and being stretched between my responsibilites and losses really does a number on one's self. Either way you slice it, do what you've got to do little lady, it's admirable what you're doing.
    Hey little lady, hows it going? haven't talked with you in a while.
    Still changing the avatar eh? it looks good on you!
    Hey little lady, take it you're feeling much better by now,
    Hate to be a pest, but...
    I'm sorry about that little college rant i had, I'm just so used to being bombarded with offers to stay on campus that i blew my stack unnecessarily. I didn't mean to take it out on you.
    Same way for the hype. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastring, KH3, and Smash Ultimate. .

    The game is so close we can almost taste it. Also Captan Marvel, is always a win.
    Sorry Howly for the late reply, time-management online is something strange to handle for me during vacations OTL
    Thank you for saying this Ardyn fact lol it's because of you that I payed attention and now I can't unhear this xD
    Me too, I still have to see Ant-Man and the Wasp, but I did see Black Panther and honestly think it's a beautiful movie <3
    Don't stress about the wrong order thing, the important thing is having seen them and enjoying the universe, you can rewatch in the correct order on your own anytime if you want to, but this aside, I am honestly surprised to hear you can discuss MCU theories with your family ; w ; that is not my case, so man, it must be something unique
    This summer I've been mostly offline, playing Dark Souls Prepare To Die Edition on my PS3, a Professor Layton game, now I'm playing Spidey of course, and occasionally playing with my doggo. I spend vacation on the countryside, at home (I come home like 3 times a year only), and this summer I just stay here and satisfy all my gaming thrist that I bottled up during the uni year xD also, I've been catching up with Attack on Titan and I found the passion I had for this series years ago back T w T
    how about you? everything alright?
    Glad you're getting better.

    I'm still wiped and tired for some reason. I also didn't know that my arms (biceps) would be sore for the next several days, I assume it's from holding my flute. I also learned the hard way that I can't wear my shako and glasses at the same time because the glasses are too big, which sucks but oh well.

    Sorry you missed your game, hopefully you can make it to the next one and at least missing the game allowed you more time to get better.
    Speaking of game, homecoming is next week for me. I can't imagine how hectic that stadium is going to be.

    So how's your art been going?
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