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    Rawr <3
    heya. lovely, bright little night.
    Looks like you won, sunshine.
    haha, that was obvious from the get - go.

    Oh! I started my T Shirt thread in the main section of the DM.
    I encourage you to take a looksee.

    I'm guessing MSN's decapitated.
    *huggles* =3

    that little emoticon looks like a penis by 75%
    I thought I'd drop my MSN to my fellow my Digital Media mod. Despite me being the newbie. :)
    hit me up if you need anything
    sip that e-buddy.com or meebo.com sheeeit.

    and lol i told you. they love them some 4everclouds.
    *secret barrel roll technique*
    Sup, lovemuffin?

    I see your name is back to that old rojo.
    I'm diggin it.
    yay. haha.
    well you know what to do, lieutenant.
    start up the engines by adding me to that msn.

    download your IM - fetus? haha.
    i was wondering when you'd show up.
    Lol, you better be back ;)
    Specially for what's up for store on MSN <3
    Lol oh god. I'm the type of person who does spur-of-the-moment things.
    Like, I usually clown on my friends pretty hard because we like to make fun of each other.
    Otherwise, I can do anything from pull pranks like you, to hop random fences, to piss off people at Jack N the Box for the sake of to get out of paying for the bill, lmao.

    or this one time, there was this douche bag working as a counselor.
    We had a theory that he was gay, so I dared one of my straight guy friends to walk in and start flirting with him.
    To our surprise, the other guy like..flipped the fuck out and was threatening to call security.

    so hilarious.
    but yea. i just tag, go out, and try not to get fat from good ol, american junk food.
    we are living the life, mi amigo guapo.
    Lol damn straight.
    My friends know me as a girl who likes to get out and go at almost any time.
    But once I hit home..I'm like...dead, I swear XD I usually do everything in sporadic little bursts of energy
    It can be a bad thing sometimes. But hey, you only live once right? Lol.

    what do you usually do in your spare time?
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