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    Same here, even though i'm dealing with grueling summer college classes o.o
    Western Civilizations and Astronomy. But amongst that, I always kick back time with either going out or designing something to avoid doing hw, lol.

    My mom always complains that if i'm not on my ass on the computer 'drawing' on photoshop, then I'm out excessively in weird hours of the night in Hollywood, haha.
    Ah I understand.
    it's really cool of you to do that, even though your connection is in like..butcher mode right now, lol.

    in the mean while, i guess this slow KHI profile message drop is decent.
    How've you been, Mr. Cloud 4 Eva?

    I have an urge to talk to ya, via IM.
    Yeah, check out the first page of the SUB for 104, it's there.

    It's pretty crappy since I was limited to using only a few things. But meh.

    This is my latest:

    Hey there, sunshine <3
    Long time, no see.

    I'm holding an enormous GFX tournament in the Competitions' section. This is the first of a seasonal franchise. It's just for fun, really.

    It'd be pretty rad if you could participate.
    Check it out when you can.
    Hey, just letting you know that you still need to vote in SotW. You have two days left.
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