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  • Thank`s mate! :D

    It was a hard one to pull and required an hour of practice and failed attempts, but when you get it feels sooooo satisfying. I guess there is some tweaks and what not that the combat of 0.2 could have, but despite that I am really enjoying it. When I started it yesterday I was grinning like a dam idiot the whole time I played it. I am glad Sqaure and Nomura did this. We got to see more Aqua and the RoD which is probably visually the best looking place in the series, and also demonstrated what III looks like in the same package. Brilliant.
    You just need the gif to be 125x125 in order for the gif to work.
    There's a website that you can use to resize gifs to 125x125 that I used. Resize animated gif

    I have been tending to flip-flop in terms of mood swings with some stuff that has come up. I am trying to finish a drawing because I've been procrastinating with it for two weeks.
    Sometimes, I just need to know when to shut up. I think I am so right on a lot of issues that I got so full of myself. Have I ever considered anyone else instead of myself? Probably not, because I am nothing but a good for nothing loser. I think I need some time away from the computer and do something productive like exercise at the gym at my apartment manager's office.

    Of course, what do I know. I am nothing more than a spoiled, opinionated brat that is worrying about inspections tomorrow and the drama that is going on with Onision.
    I am waiting on Kingdom Hearts 1.5 to come but since it's a holiday or Martin Luther King Day, the mail isn't coming. I really hate holidays sometimes. I also got the Ultimate Weapon.
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