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  • Hey Buffer, I wish you a early Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

    How are you? How are you liking season 4 of RWBY so far? :D

    If you're still keeping up with Flash, I hope you continue to enjoy it. Well, it'd be good if not all of the Marvel movies connected to the shows, cause it gives the other heroes more spot light. :3 I hope you're doing well, Buffer! Can't believe 2.8 isn't too far away now from releasing. I'm doing good, mostly reading a lot lately, and keeping warm with a blanket, since there's a lot of snow in Michigan right now. (Thank you for asking too. xD)
    I beat Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix finally. Now, I have to beat Atlantica and complete Jiminy's journal. Why was Kingdom Hearts so much simpler than Kingdom Hearts 2?
    I couldn't beat him. I think it had something to do with having finishes equipped or something. I tried leveling up Wisdom Form, but I keep getting 132 for next level. I have also tried leveling up Limit Form, but I am stuck at level one. I did manage to get Valor Form up to level six, I believe.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!

    Square says you can play the game without watching the movie, but a lot of the events at the beginning of the game are based on what happens in the movie. I'm sure they explain things in game but I reckon just having a deeper understanding of the events that transpires is a good thing.

    Maybe. The alternative is purchasing the edition of Kingsglaive that comes with a Brotherhood bluray disc. I ordered my own the other day just to complete my FFXV media collection :)
    I am having a really difficult time beating Roxas. I am currently level 67 now and I was really close to beating him. However, for some reason, I couldn't get his last HP down and he ended up killing me. Do I need to unequip finishing moves or something? I kept squealing to myself, "Man, you're a loser!" whenever I couldn't beat him.
    I know two people who picked up their copy today, one in LA and one in New York but I think they got it from smaller stores?

    That's correct. It kinda sucks because it would have been nice seeing the four boys be sent off or something.

    The secret episode is very short, and is actually just a few scenes tying the episodes together. I believe it cuts to Lunafreya reading a letter or reflecting before it goes into a new episode so you're not really missing anything from not seeing it.
    It's available in Peru and North America, and I think I've seen someone in Switzerland playing it as well.

    The film won't give you backstory on their personalities but it's good to get an idea of what Final Fantasy XV is building upon. The foundations of the story is laid down in the film, and it does it's job to introduce you into the world of Eos.

    You can learn about Noctis and his friends through the free Anime though! It's available on YouTube and has been extremely well received by fans.
    Some people have broken street date so they've been playing it for at least a week haha.
    I think going in not knowing much is a good way to go. They haven't shared a lot from the second half of the game nor a lot of the story.
    Unfortunately I don't have a copy of the game just yet. It's been killing me inside that people have gotten it early haha
    Thank you! Your words mean a lot to me :)
    I feel that FFXV has been unfairly judged through a lot of it's existence so I try to be positive with it.
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