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  • 50. x'D I got Once More and 2nd Chance by then since I picked shield. The two abilities pretty much ensure you survive any hit or combo so I saw no need to keep leveling.
    I never can get passed the boredom of it. I usually just grind till I get second chance and once more then go to do whatever I need to. lol

    *groans* I have to go now btw. *hates to leave* Dx Sorry. I'll see you later. Nice meeting you. =D
    Reaching max level is the greats challenge to me because it's tedious. lol
    I have tried level 1 runs so I dont have to worry about grinding.
    Only if ya want to. The Void Gear keyblade is cool but by the time you battle the remnant there's not many people to use it on. haha

    Sephiroth is hard at any level. The Kh1 battle almost requires at least level 90. Only the crazily skill manage to pwn him at level 1.
    The KH2 battle is definitely easier. I beat the KH2 fight at level 50 on critical once. It's more about which abilities you have than skill in KH2.
    There is no instant win. Gotta do them repeatedly. I did the Rock Exploit several times before I was able to keep him stuck in that spot.
    Just like it took a couple tries to get the Lingering Will with the Fenrir trick.

    Granted the exploit strategies require less time than trying to make strategies for normal fights.
    That's alright! I've been working so much lately I haven't been able to be on anyway. Dx
    Tbh I didn't even pay attention to what was said, just giving you some friendly advice. I took tayroar's context a little differently, he has been a part of the community for a long time and it doesn't excuse his behavior but forum insanity is aptly named: Anything you read in there should be taken with a grain of salt. Just try to steer clear until you're more familiar with the forums okay? You can do what you want of course, lol, just letting you know.
    Hey there. I hope you're enjoying the site so far, just wanted to let you know forum insanity isn't a good place yo post until youre more familiar with our community, its full of eccentric types and down right nonsense and many, including myself, fit right in there but without knowing the other members it'll seem strange. I made the same mistake when I first joined and paid for it so please learn from my foolery. The subsections like forum games and fanclubs are still very accommodating and less hostile so please use caution in what you do and you'll have a blast.
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