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  • Sure I guess, doesn't mean I dislike you. I don't. What do you say to that xD
    Would I have added you to my friends list if I hated you? (you know we have an ignore list too right?)
    Well thats fine. Just didn't want you to get the wrong idea and think we hate you, not at all.
    Thats like saying I don't need to go to 12th grade, I'm fine with 11th. (lol?)
    Its like some bad teen soap opera.

    Its because I care, if you ask why, then thats basically saying I can't give advice just because I care? What? If I didn't I wouldn't at least try. I didn't say you had to change, or try to change, but gradually help you improve. (unless you don't want to improve, thats fine, like you said yourself you don't exactly care.)
    I'll show you just how bad I was when I didn't detail my temps.

    This was my first template, ever.

    Name: Rayex Kunokai
    Appearance: short white hair, blue/white eyes, about 5' 1'',
    Ninja rank: academy student
    justsu: fireball justu, substitution jutsu, transformation justu (just for now)
    Forbidden Jutsu: Dancing Dragon flame jutsu.
    weapons: shuriken and kunai knives
    blood trait: sharingan/shukuri geke a chakra irregularity contained within the mark of the fallen. Yellow chakra emits from Rayex's body and enhances his level chakra but at the cost of taking an intense recoil to when it fades. Its a disease his mother had, he doesn't know how to contain it too well, but he is grasping control and fighting its negativity.
    Bio: abandoned as a child rayex had to fend for himself, with no parents to help him grow up, rayex had to learn about the world on his own terms, kids tortured him for being such an outcast, one person cared for him and enrolled him in the Academy so he could be a shinobi one day. He has a dream to be the best ninja he could be.

    (Well not techniquely, the RP i was in got deleted ): )

    Like your character Jukaik has darnkess maniupulation right?

    What the hell is darkness manipulation? Im just that stupid and I don't know WHAT IT IS. Can you explain?
    Well for starters I could really careless if you were just blatantly rude to me at some point. Didn't mean I didn't like you, just didn't agree with what you said because I know I'm not the type that's blatantly arrogant.

    Everybody else acts the same way towards Karutomaru, with him, its because he does stuff without explaining how he did it. When we do the same thing he does, theres a problem. (His whole yu-gi-oh thing) If we can't do it and you can, then your just full of crap there and then." I can really easily help you if you want to get all the "assholes" off your back when it comes to the way you write and your characters, etc.
    Uh, my visitor messages must not really mean much if I was so full of myself and conceited to not even try to even help you. Which I did, but I guess I'm just garbage too :(
    To give pointers? Everyone has the authority to give feedback, and point out what would be roleplaying and writing errors. One doesn't need to be a moderator or anything to do that.
    Me? I am Chromatic, quite clearly. And I was simply making those comments for sake of helping, not bashing you.
    Its kind of hard not to when your just starting out into battles.
    Usually in just standard melee its either you have to out manuever someone or basically fight until someone gives up. The kind of battles we fight in that section are basically.

    Trap the other person so they can't get out.
    Force them to give up.
    Last resort, completely annihilate them.

    And every character used is ongoing like your organization guy. Meaning every fight that happens gets added to their character's biographies. It's kind of how we expand on our originality.
    Completely understandable.
    Still no harm in whats genuine and legit as opposed to someone showing you two different faces.
    I said I wanted to fight RoA.
    You made the assumption that "I said you can't." Actually i was posting to it and didn't realize you did until after I did.

    You wanna be a bit more diplomatic and not jump to conclusion, I mean I'm not some jerk thats just gonna deny you something. I have just as much right as you do man, jeez, learn to chill out.
    We'll let him decide, lol the second you posted i already knew you didnt read his first post lol.
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