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  • Hehe, I've had plenty of time to work on it.

    Doing okay, co-managing a Halo RP which is showing some promise.
    Aight bro, it's cool. Yeah, if something's a challenge for a rank, it usually will only be against the person specified.
    Plus the general quality of your roleplaying is fairly simplified. I can work with that if I needed to, but then I'd just avoid needing to.

    I don't like roleplaying with people who are inexperienced or simpletons.

    And yes I am an arrogant elitist prick.
    Why would you be in it? The challenge wasn't to you, it's supposed to be between Endgame and I. Specifically to Endgame. There was no mention of anyone else, not even a judge. What makes you think you can just barge in?
    I don't know what the hell you think you're doing in that fight, you can't be a judge.
    Well you want to try to be more aware of how you make your character. He is able to control darkness, in that sense you have some power to use and counter my attack instead of taking the blow completely. As far as how you just got nailed, then immediately got up and slammed my face into the ground (ouch.) There was no time for me to do like...anything to get out of it.

    (powerplaying is between taking control of another character and inflicting something upon them that they wouldn't immediately realize. if i responded and followed that it means I already happened to him, there was no during, it just happened. Which means for that period of time he couldn't experience it, since you wrote in the pain for him all at once. It also means i had no control over what happened.)
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