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  • So you are good with Falco? I added you to the fanclub. I will give you rep, since I always give rep to a fellow Falco shredder.
    You're welcome! Well, my name's actually Savannah, but everyone calls me Savi, lol. It's been my nickname since I was in 7ht grade, and I'm a Freshman in college now, so, lol. You get it, right?

    And it's nice to meet you as well, Jon!
    Hi there! Who are you? I'm Savi. Welcome to KHI!!!!! Sorta, lol. You've been here for a bit over a week, but still, Welcome, lol.
    Oh no! I wasn't offended at all, I just wanted to post another comment to explain myself but the thread was closed!
    Thanks [about my drawings] :)
    Hey hey hey, I saw your thread about AxelxRoxas has been closed and I kinda wanted to reply to your post. SO here goes, I pretty much only like AxelxRoxas because they're cute together, not to mention somewhat funny :3
    I don't think it would ever actually happen ;(

    Unique is a good word for their relationship. :) I think of them as this...Uncle/Nephew relationship...where Roxas thinks of Xigbar as a father figure. Since you know Axel is like his older brother...but no one is ever there for him in a fatherly way. That's what I saw Xigbar as to him...I think in a sense...Roxas did too. ;)

    And lolz. Of course. ;) You make a good point.
    Ah don't worry about it. It's happened to the best of us. Haha. And when it comes to Yaoi and stuff people are touchy. And well, I love Axel and Roxas's relationship. It's really sweet. But I love Roxas's and Xigbar's relationship too...in days. Wow. <3 So sweet.
    *wave* Hi there. Nice to see another fan of Roxas and Axel that DOESN'T support them romanticly. ;) A little light in the darkness I have to say. Welcome to the fourms. :D I don't support them romanticly either. Just...brotherly. Since Axel does treat him like a little brother.
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