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  • If you don't mind, I'll be revamping the OP so it's amazingly awesome.

    In a text file of course. :3

    With all the BB code and stuff in there.


    When I get done, I'll put it up for download or something, or I can email it to you. It doesn't matter. :p
    what your profile says:
    I can lick my elbow, I'm obsessed with AkuRoku, I love video games. I don't like doing these :p
    YAYS!!! IT WORKED!!!


    If you want a marushion GIF siggy pic, lemme know! :D (or just go to "Face down the sun graphics" and request one there too. XD that's where i work at here. :p))

    Thank trasix for that. :D

    It's just a place holder relaly.. until i can get somebody who I'm not overloading with requests, to make a HUGE One. :DDDDDDDDDD

    i hope you likey.

    And give trasix a cookie. :P
    "I actually love this pairing, but surprisingly for me, only in a fatherly/son way."

    >:| How come, little miss thang, you never told me that? XD Or maybe you did tell me that...and I just forgot like the idiot I am. :p But really. XD I didn't know you liked teh Xigxas noms. :p
    seriously write with us.
    A third person would be VERY helpful. :DDD

    And i'm sure you'll bring fresh ideas to the table.
    I'm not very good either
    is just a thing of practice and good observation of the human body
    and if that doesn't work
    tutorials on deviantart always help
    and glorious shall be the day when we would be able to draw some mature akuroku >3
    sketches you are the only person that can understand my akuroku mature content obsession
    "Also, PowerOverNothing, I might draw you some random stick-sketch of Xiggy and Roxas, because I know you don't like AkuRoku. xD"

    Durrrrrrrh. I love you.

    ;) Well thank you. You seem very kind and caring as well. And like I said, your sketches are great. Now if I was really evil I could bug you for something. <3 But I wouldn't. Because I like you too much.
    ;D Sweetest? I really don't know about that, there are probbaly so many other people here that are more kind than I. :p But whatever you say. :D <3
    I HAD to do something with the news smilies xD
    and I'm actually writing an akuroku fanfic
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