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  • I'm pretty sure Coded is. After all, it's cannon, fills in the gap between KH2 and KH3, and Nomura even stated he had interest and plans to release it outside of Japan. But I imagine it would go on WiiWare or the PS Network since Cell phone gaming is very big outside of Japan. Plus, I don't think NA or any other place but Japan has the phone it was made for.
    Lol. Everyone always mentions the soda whenever I tell them my name. One of my friends even started calling my Soda because of it.

    But yeah, I'm pretty excited for Days, although I've been spoiling myself to it ever since spoilers were available. I mainly want it for the Gameplay and the extra stuff rather than the story. I guess because I already know the story, and some of it lacks to me. But I still want it. I'm more excited for Coded though out of Days and BbS.
    Okay, I think I'll probably call you Jon though. Bluestar is a little long to type. Anyway, my name's RC. Although everyone seems to guess it's Billy. I have no idea why though.
    Sure why not. And as for MSN or AIM, I had a MSN, but I haven't used it in like forever, and I can't even find it within my computer lol
    It's fine. I'm actually the same way, though. I hate when people say dumb things. But yeah, it's fine.
    yea, for you it is. because now i can't help you.

    i'm not trying to avoid helping or anything, it's just..i don't know how to hack that model.
    It's possible, yeah. Or maybe all of them will make it up. It depends.
    Cool, thanks. You're one of the choices then. Well, the choice. Unless somebody else posts.
    well idk about bff's like since your 5 years older maybe like buddies better
    oh well you know i still gotta check i dont know you that well
    we only have one thing in common and that basically it doesn't mean well be like best friends sorry if im sounding mean
    well its sorta awkward for you to add me like i don't talk to you alot like i barely know you and you should've asked like before so you can add me seriously its sorta wierd
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