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  • Thank you! Well, with the Axel/Larxene one, I used a lot of transitions. The slope lines coming in and the clips pushing in after another clip. Those are all transitions. The sparkles that I used during the chorus lines is a PI (Particle Illusion effect). I basically chroma keyed (which just means getting rid of the background) and then put it over the clips there, and then I messed around with colors. I used Sony Vegas 7.0 for all of the editing.
    It's like the original Gold and Silver, basically. Just with much better graphics, much more extras, and you get to fight Red (who was the original Ash before Ash was actually Ash) and what-not. It looks amazing. And you can go in Kanto, Johto, and I think a new small region.
    Well, there is somebody working on the Japanese ROMs as we speak to make it FULLY English. And it may be out before the NA game, so >.>
    No. The screen keeps going black on me after choosing my trainer. :/ So I'm just gonna wait until that all English one comes out ('Cuz apparently somebody was working on a full translated one).
    That's weird. Maybe the site has been slacking in updating me knowing that you have been sending me messages. 'Cuz whenever I do get one, I reply.
    In Japan. And then somebody made a ROM of it, put in some english translations (like the menu's, I think) and then put it up for download so you can play it on the Emulator. But since it's my first ROM and first Emulator, I'm not sure what I'm doing yet.
    Well, I'm gonna go get some clothes over at Walmart, try to figure out how to work my damn ROM of Pokemon Soul Silver and then Emulator, and then finish my homework before school tomorrow.
    I guess I'm just really active on these forums now. I used to barely come on, like maybe about once or twice a month, but ever since a few months ago, I've been coming on very frequently.
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