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  • Lol that sounds very awkward.

    And I'm just writing parts to my story, listening to music, and looking at threads on here.
    Really? Wow that's weird. Although he isn't really dead, just another bogus celebrity death rumor
    Lol yeah I go to school. But it's the weekend, so I don't have any school today. And I'm not really too lazy, I just get bored with things easily and slack-off.
    Oh, just the usual. Eat, do something to fill the time, eat, do something to fill the time once more, and eat.
    Lol really? Wait, you're not gonna say I look even younger than that, are you? :O How old do I look?
    Okay, well for some reason I don't know how to turn it off, so I'll just give you my email then so you can add me
    That should do it, I think
    Are you serious? I never put that setting on. Okay, I'll fix it in just a second, hold on.
    I would love to battle, but I have no WiFi ma-jig. I seriously need one, though.

    Oh, and yeah, I have a MySpace. Want me to link you to it?
    Lol yeah. That's why I've been trying to take advantage of these last few years I have before I need to actually start doing things.

    And I have a few of the game. Like two. I used to have a few more, but I sold them a few years back, which I majorly regret. Right now though, I have Diamond and Sapphire. Although I'm excited for Soul Silver and then the other one which was _____ Gold.
    Well, I just get bored a lot, and whenever I do and get on here. I have a lot of free time sometimes, seeing as how I'm still a teenager and haven't been owned by the man yet. But yeah, there's quite a few things going on around the KH Franchise.
    And then there's also the Mystery KH game that isn't Days, BbS, Coded, or KHIII that Nomura has been thinking about, and has discussed with some of his co-workers and apparently made them go "WTF???!!!" I'm also very excited about what's WTF with that game, if it happens.
    Yeah. The only thing is I have no Wii or a PS3. So I hope that they would also make it available for DSiWare (or whatever it's called) and download-able for also PSP. I needs myself a Wii and PS3 though.
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