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  • Oh come now everyone always has something to say! xD If you can't think of new comments then just make a new topic.
    Awww TnT Oh well.....

    I've tried that before with different stuff, it crashed my computer. ;n;

    Ahhh b-but party! Oh well caught up on any other shows? Usually the books are better, more content. =3
    Yea, you're almost 1,60m, so I think you should be at least 8kg fatter o_o'' *doesn't like girls too skinny* Well yea, I never cared much about my weight D: I have a tendency to slim down pretty fast (losing 2kg in 2-3 days happens often), so maybe that's the reason? :v
    Um... I didn't see all of them, but after this reaction, I want to <(OwO)/

    Well yea sure they do, BUT IT'S DIRTY D: and I hate it ?_? The good think is that at least after the New Years, they seriously lower the price >_>

    haha, my dog loves not bread, but salty crackers. God, she loves those so much she cries until next year everytime I eat some >_> I never give 'em to her tho. My mom, on the other hand...

    Eh, but I AM one day before you D: It's saturday afternoon here (litterally, it's 12:30 now). I meant to say that tomorrow will be sunday here, hence making it no sense that you would work on such day >_> Sorry for complicating.
    What? You think you're heavy? I think that's the normal weight, tho (?) I learned that the ideal weight for a person is measured by her height. If your height's 1,50m, your ideal weight is around 50kg. Meaning, if I'm 1,70m, my ideal weight would be 70kg (wich is) and so on :eek: I think you're weighting fine, and I have seen your pictures!! XD (and we don't have a scale at my home either, but that's my avarage weight)
    ahaha yep, I hope so too, but ever since thinking about this possibility... I stopped caring xD

    ahahahah I think the tickets would be 70% MORE expensive just for BF XD Yeah, they tried mimicking BF here on Brazil, but it doesn't work as smoothly as it should. If the original price is R$ 1.000, a month before BF they suddenly change the price to $ 2.100 and no one notices... so that on BF they change it back to R$1.000 or even R$900 and say it's 50-70% off. Ugh, this pisses me off so much I just stay at home >_>

    Yep, dragging his ass is THE sign. Keep an eye on him for that. And surely the yellow poop was because of the bread xD Since his stomach is not used to it, it reacts like that, ta-daa :D if you can, you should look closely at the poop sometimes, to make sure you see (or not) helminths in it.

    Oooh, tomorrow's the day, eh? :D (well, it's sunday for me, tho (?))
    Aw...not one? =[ Does looking in the Smash Bros thread help?

    I have to drive out of time to go to any sort of theater sadly. My internet is week as well so I'm barely lucky to watch the 24min or so anime shows I watch. ;n;

    I dunno. I'm aware of the story so I don't see the irk though I don't find the comics appealing enough to read either, guess I'm the middle ground.

    Docile!? DOCILE!? Girl it's halloween, your in charge and have a house! Get as wild as your small self can!! GET OUT THE KATANA!!! 8D
    What movies you wanting to watch? They can't cook?
    What I do when playing Smash Bros (3DS) xD

    Dance Dance Revolution

    No means no

    Marital abuse

    Don't even wanna know
    Nuuuu don't leave me! ;A;/ (doesn't keep up with blockbusters)

    lol Don't worry I'll help. ^_^ I've already tinkered in ways of system transfer and game download.

    I'm not sure myself but everyone I've seen complain usually trace it back to how Zukos mom was handled.

    Your in charge!? Hell yeahs party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gonna rule with an iron fist while shes gone? >=D
    ahahah I wonder if you can? I'm pretty heavy D: *self-conscious*
    ahahaa they probably do (?) I wonder if they read them PMs too xD
    Well... I wrote them codes, a SUCCESS message showed up, but nothing appeared in the present box xD

    Well, I don't know the origin, but Black Friday is a GAMING discout campaing on the US. Well, they mimic the BF here on Brazil for almost anything too, but I think the first one was for games. Not 99% discount but I'm betting they have 70% easy :eek: ooooh, the games I could buy Q_Q It's not a holiday hahaha it's a SINGLE day of discounts, and it fristly applied to games, I dunno if they expanded it to other areas...
    AHAHA XD The broke life is a good training for mothers, it seems! XD We would make good mothers if I planned to have kids xD

    Well, for sure he is having tummy ache. It could be helminths (has it been a while since he last took helminth medicine?) or maybe he ate something other than his own food. Ask around to see if someone fed him human food. It's nothing to worry about if it's once or twice, but if this poop keeps happening for more than a week, go to the vet D: (pay close attention to him if he tries to scratch his anus on the ground, that's the cue to know if it's helminths)

    oh yeah, it happened sometimes with me, so I gave up trying to change the size while writing and decided to do it after I finished the entire post D:

    Yaaaaaaay, 180 AP! <3 awesome, thanks! <3 Aww, don't sweat it. I spend some many medals last time I logged on just out of laziness too xD you won't be able to play after the 2nd, right? THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the time you've been doing this <3
    Never heard of him or seen him before sorry. xD

    Sure I'll help. It's not to hard really, the 3DS walks you through most things. =]

    So it wasn't bad then? Everyone else I've seen talk about it disliked the comics.

    That's good isnt it!? The overbearing one is gone time to party!!!! \0v0/
    ooooooooh I LOVE tough girls! <3 Ahahaha but I can do THIS to you! hahahahahahahahahah *runs away* xD Eeeh? Why don't you ask your friend for some bones? He's cutting it off anyway, right? aHAHA XD (I think I'll go to hell after this one).
    Hmm... well... even if the hole is yours, I can still viol-- okay, I won't say it, I'm already going to hell anyway xD I CAN STILL DRAG YOU OUT OF IT XD
    oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh, so that's why I saw that red "!" there :eek: I'll check later, thanks <3

    How do I know these things?

    And I say around february, but february is the LAST TIME you can buy them low prices. mid-end january is the best. Aand if you're patient, you can wait until next year's november to buy anything game related (Dat Black Friday). November is, so to say, the last time you can buy anything cheap before x-mas and new year. And the gamer comunity on the US knows how to do their stuff. I'd go to the US for a day just for that black firday, aaah <3 <3
    Ah, but the point isn't haggling the price, is trying to add something more while paying the same price! XD Like buying a ps3 and throwing a game without changing the price, or asking not to pay the freight... who knows, eh? xD I like buying second-hand games, so it's even better cause I can talk with the seller in person, rather than with some shop, y'know?

    But I'm completely against feeding her anything that's not her dog food. Her stomach's already used to it, so everytime my mom gives her something different, she gets tummy ache and poops strange (that's how I usually know when my mom gives her human food >_>). But noooooooooooooo, "she was a stray and lived all her life on the streets, she ate anything before coming to live with us and blah blah blah" ugggh D: She's NOT a stray anymore, she's been with us for over a year already! (and she's two years old) Everytime I say this, my mom pretends not to hear and keeps giving her stuff. aaaah :< *hits head on the wall*

    E-eh? I didn't find anything strange (?)
    When people tried to hug me back when I was a small boy:

    Tintin? =O Who's that? I remember you talking about wanting to go but not exactly how expensive it'd be.

    There's an option for system transfer in the options. =3 It takes a while to transfer too.

    So the story was meh but it was nice seeing them doing something? =]

    Don't give into the procas that is tination! D8 Rawr like a tigerdilo with resolve!!! >o</
    That's awesome. =O Your gonna learn French on top of all that?! Why French? How hard would making a living in Japan be?

    I don't know what steam is but yes you buy, download, play. You can delete and download again later but sadly you can only do so if it's the same system you bought it on.
    Meaning if you buy a new 3DS and try to download the games you can't. That's why if you ever buy a new 3DS make sure to system transfer or you'll lose all the stuff you bought.

    I kept hearing the comics was bad. =O

    That's the spirit!! Roar with resolve! >xO
    kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, you're so small and cuute *snuggles* >3< I'm 175-6cm. It's been a while since I last measured, but I don't think I've grown -- I passed that age already xD I prolly won't fit the hole you go into, but I can still TRY TO DRAG YOU OUT OF IT AHHAHAHAHAAH <(OwO)>
    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm but the codes should have been sent to my yahoo.jp mail, right? I didn't get anything D:

    ahahaha I know the feel xD But I highly recommend to at least wait until the New Year festivities are over. EVERYTHING is overpriced during this time. And it's a good idea to buy ANYTHING around february. They're selling the leftovers wich didn't get sold during that overprice time for a very low price, hahaha ;D (I bought my 3DS during a time like this huhuhuh) Yeah... the broke life is already something IN me, I think xD see the advice I just gave you? xD I don't think I'll ever get used to being rich even if I get to be rich someday. ... I like to bargain prices Dx
    ahahah I know he wants the bone gone... but who knows, maybe it'll grow back again ahaha xD

    I don't know, I was VERY scared to ask D: But she said she gave them human food and they never died over food poisoning >_> (and she loves to shrug that on my face everytime I complain to her when she's giving chicken bones to my dog) I guess she didn't think about giving them chocolate at the time (?).... or rather, I hope (?)
    Oh, okay. No prob, I already finished judging you for that AHAHAHA XD *hides under the bed*
    Where do I put them codes? I'll look at them................... later >_>

    Yeah, why not? You could buy 2 with your acc or he could buy 2 with his acc and you both split the cost. I did that with my MoM edition with my friend haha <3 Well, it IS something for the next year, so it'll give him time to rest and... grow back his bone or something D:
    RIGHT? I need to move out ASAP :< the things is that THERE ARE MANY GAMERS HERE. Gamer comunities are very large and all these people complain about it, but nothing is ever done :< And the US dollar is getting completely out of hand nowadays, it's costing around R$2,50 reals (it was R$1,80 reals 3 years ago... oh, the good times ;_;)... wich doesn't help when we try to buy from overseas ;-; being an otaku/gamer is sucking very much lately.

    I KNOW, RIGHT? I showed SO MANY things to her already D: A vet's list of what you should NOT feed your dog, of stuff you should NOT be doing with them, of their body language... she just doesn't listeeeennn T___T And everytime I bring it up, she always brings her childhood stories... where she had 10 dogs and 8 cats AT THE SAME TIME and none of them died from food poisoning.
    ..... this fact always shuts me up on the spot, but I always spring back the next day and keep complaning >_>
    You gonna learn all of it? I know it has a couple forms right? =D

    You search it, pay, then download it to the 3DS. Nothing is kept on a computer it downloads itself to the system the second you pay. It'd take a lot of games to do that.
    It's for games but I'm not sure what's stored. I know it holds pictures, some game stuff and the cards likely have many other uses.

    Like it?

    If you never finish games then how do you enjoy them? D8
    They store on the system, they don't come off. You can transfer stuff from system to system though but the process wipes the old 3DS clean.
    Aahahaha How can you be scared of that kid and still want to find out what I do when I fangirlize? xD IT'S ALMOST LIKE THAT, but with more rolling around and more face-covering-with-hands hahaha xD That kid could be my twin in that matter.
    Oh...kay(?) I'll just leave the codes be, then (?)

    Oh, that would be nice, then. If you buy double from overseas, you can share the freight (tbh, that's the biggest of your problems >_>) with your friend!
    Yeah, the prices here are crazy D: it's not as expensive as US comics (TBH THE QUALITY IS CHEAP SO IT HAS TO BE CHEAP /rantoff), but the mangas are steadily getting more and more expensive :< I told you about the ps4's price, right? It was about 2000 U$ here q___q (and it cost only 200 U$ on the US...) and this is the reason why I ain't buying mine any time soon. I'll see if I can buy from overseas.
    .... But this makes another problem. The customhouse here IS A PAIN IN THE ASS, UGH D: so even if I try to buy from overseas, they put tax over tax and make the thing as expensive as it would be if bought here.

    Really? It died on the spot? D: Oh god. I guess mine has a strong stomach, then? D: And no prob, you rant all you want. I try to say this to my mom but she never listens, so it's good to see someone else with the same mindset as me for a change <3
    I didn't know that! That's cool! I didn't know you knew japanese. =]

    Yes you can download. ^_^ Not every game is downloadable though so you'll still have to buy DDD. The site is accessed by an app on the 3DS home screen called "eshop" so I don't know if you can access it from a computer. D=
    You can buy SD cards for the 3DS and I know some things are stored on it but I don't know if you need it for games or not. x[ Sorry.

    I don't know of the comic is online or not but I think it's titled "The Search".

    Then get it on the NDS and finish it! xD
    You can only put one 3DS game card in at a time but you can download several. =3
    But your not even getting that! =O Well you are now but not then. xD

    I'm sorry. ;n; *iffers hug and/or piece of cake*
    On the eshop. The 3ds has an online store app were you can download old games. I downloaded games I haven't had since I was 5. Waaaaaaaaay back when game boys didn't have color. xD
    Yes there's the Ocarina of Time 3D (which is a remake) as well as the new game Link Between worlds plus older game boy era zelda a one can download.

    It's only in the comics sadly. =[

    Yep! ^_^ If there's any NDS game you want it'll play it. I recommend The World Ends With You.
    But the body needs so much of it! =O

    lol I'm sorry I didn't know. xD
    Hmm...honestly I think you got good ones already. The only thing I could recommend is a Zelda game. xD Oh wait! Always check it's eshop thing. You can get old games off there like NES or Gameboy.

    I've seen it and it was spectacular!!!! ;A; That episode was so perfect. Sassy Ikki and sassier Toph! xD
    Really wish this was in Tophs story telling segment: http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2014/297/c/a/lok__story_time_with_toph_by_neodusk-d8410ey.jpg
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