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  • Ahahah I have multiple faces! XD But nowadays, who doesn't, right? I have to put up a front around here cause my city is very dangerous >_>
    RIGHT? Remembering the face is the worst D: You KNOW you know them from somewhere but can't access the data xD
    Nah, not realy. her flavor text has something to do with Aroma, and her Hidden Aility too (it's named Aroma Veil, but it's just like a barrier, really), but overall, she's just a fairy type :D (this type was introduced with XY, so don't go playing gens 1 thru 3 thinking you'll find a fairy xD)

    Ooh, you have THIS kind of graduation ceremony :eek: here is just a party ahah xD Good luck, I guess D: Still want to see the photos :3
    Naaah, I don't think they mind xD I guess they're doing it on purpose, really. Why else would they write flavour text's as creepy as those? xD
    Ah, but don't worry. It's downright IMPOSSIBLE to catch them all using emulators. They made 3 versions of the same generation for a reason: There are pokemon in certain versions that other versions don't have. Like, if you play Pokemon Black, you'll only catch gothita, not solosis. You'll find solosis at pokemon White, but not gothita. So if you REALLY want to catch them all you have two options: Buying all versions of the same generation or; Buying one and having a friend with the other. Nintendo thought this through, they ain't making you complete the dex with just ONE version of the game xD
    And it's not possible to trade through emulator, sorry xD unless you use gameshark (I don't know how to, sorry >_>), you'll never see the dex complete on the emulator.
    Thats it! Keep optimistic for the dream! The dream of all night gaming~ 8D
    Say whaaaa!? Woman you plenty good. Don't make Gram slap the internet so hard it comes through the wifi and knocks sense into you. Don't think I can't do it either, had one of them older african american grandmas show me how. xD

    I hope Toph appears and stays the rest of the season. Shes been the best thing about Book 4. xD
    xD I'm american soooo...how big is 158cm? lol Should I put blue food dye in the snowwoman so it matches the name too before I send the picture? xD
    It can at times. =3 Once year we had an actual ice storm.

    I've never seen Intersteller. Is it really that good? =O
    Happy to see you so excited! I hope it doesn't disappoint either. ^ ^
    Stories...? WICH STORIES? D; HOW MUCH OF MYSELF HAVE I REVEALED? DX I have this habit of just saying stuff and forgeting right away, I'm sorry :< I see people on the street and they're like "Hey! Have you got used to this an that and what happened after that?" and I'm like "WHO IS THIS PERSON AND WHY DOES HE KNOW SO MUCH ABOUT ME" >_>
    O-oooh, these stories hehe... he :D *wrote all of the above before reading the entire sentence* But I AM a sweet gurrl purr~ <3 It's just that it's easier to show my real self on the internet rather than irl >) But don't you mess with the stuff or people I like :D I was really wild when I was a kid because I was fighting (litteraly) to protect my friends from bullying. *was always at the teacher's office from beating the boys*
    Nya~ and the pokemon is Aromatisse! From the lastest game, X/Y

    No, you see. I lay down with my notebook on my belly, but sometimes I change positions, so I end up tangled with the charger's wire xD

    ahaha why would they be messy? xD I get it if YOU'RE messy after 1AM, but the photos being messy? xD
    Trust me, it's NOT. It's flavor text, so almost no one bothers to read them (I know I don't... just sometimes). But when people read, it leads to these posts on the internet haha >D
    Yeah, and those are only from the original storyline. I didn't even include the Pokemon Dungeons, Pinballs and etcetera...
    Well, the only thing about catching them all is you being a completionist, I guess. There's really no big prize or anything, just the feeling of finally finishing something 100% *completed the pokedex 3 times (one at Gen 2, one at Gen 5 and now at Gen 6)* At some games, they give you a written award, like "Congratulations, you caught them all!" or something. After Gen 5 (or was it 4? I don't remember) you got some useless prizes, like Shiny Charm and Repeat blahblahblah. It's useless for people without much patience for games like me - it boosts the shiny encounter rate (before it was a chance of 1 in 8k or something, now it's 1 in 1k or something + shiny charm).
    Exactly. =3

    That's pretty good given what kind of computer it is. o_0
    Still down? =[

    Gram never brings up rule 34 so your safe to never have to worry about it when talking to me. xD
    You didn't enjoy them at all? Or like the episode focus on them? D8 If not then what did you enjoy about the episode?
    Yes it's snowing quite early actually. xD Sure, we'll build one as big as you are. Once it snows good enough to stick everywhere I'll show you a picture of it. 8D The scenery gets very pretty when it's snow covered and grey skies.

    Did you see it? Or are you still down? D8
    No, I know it's about my irl friends, but where did you see me reacting normally with them? xD Did you try to translate any convos? xD And the sass picture was the sassiest pokemon you'll ever meet >D

    Now that's way too good <3 Aw, c'mon, you thought the charger would last forever? D: (I know the thought hadn't crossed my mind until mine broke, too, but >_>) mine broke because I was laying down on top of it xD*rolling around the bed, somehow it happened*

    YEESSS, PLAY IIITT <3 Oh, and happy graduation! :D *eager to see dressed-up Blu pictures*
    What? OF COURSE it does D: Did you read the name under the description? It's the generation the caption's from >_> It does say that, some creepy flavor text, I know, but it does >_>
    Well, I only sent you the 3rd game of each generation, since it's usually the most complete and the one you can catch all the legendaries. To be precise:
    Generation 1: Red, Blue (Green in Japan btw) and Yellow
    Generation 2: Gold, Silver and Crystal
    Generation 3: Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald
    Generation 4: Diamond, Pearl and Platinum
    Generation 5, and that's when the 3rd game was ditched, making many a fan very mad *me included*: Black and White. AAAND a sequel! Black 2 and White 2.
    Generation 6: X and Y. No sequel nor Pokemon Z mentioned yet, and it's usually a year after that the 3rd game's announced... but anyway.
    The remake they're releasing right now is Gen 3's for 3DS, but they've already made remakes for Gen 1 at the GBA (FireRed and LeafGreen) and for Gen 2 at the DS (HeartGold and SoulSilver), I wonder if Gen 4's remake is next? <3 I loved that game <3
    Btw, I played every game on that list save for Diamond, Gold and Y <33
    Wich link you couldn't open? :eek: WICH FRIEND? xD I'm ALWAYS real ahahahahahahaha <3

    kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 60% off??? That's WAY TOO GOOD <3 Ask the guy to hold on it for you until you get your pay, QUICK! :D

    Hundreds? Isn't it a monthly manga? We're lucky it's even at 80 on a monthly basis. =3

    haha I'm sorry. =3 Don't be to down, there's always enough left to save or use on something small you want like a dessert. 8D

    Why would you think I thought you ship them? I was just asking how you liked them in the episode. I personally found them the highlight of it. xD
    Oh~ I'll do that! =D Thanks. It'll have to wait a while though cause I got early shifts the next few days and the snow is killing power. D8

    Aw come on! Why is Blu so down? =[

    Yes, internal bleeding. I punched him and the inside of his mouth got cut by his teeth...
    Welp, it wasn't on purpose, but it was in some unbelievable way xD ahaha "snap that easily" ahaha xD But are you gonna buy the charger now or what?


    Lookiiiit here!! It's the truest of truths! And if you wanna read the manga, you'd better be prepared to see some cute CORPSES around >_> and the games also mention about YOU killing YOU RIVAL's pokemon during the jorney (you defeat him once and on the next time you meet, he's at the graveyard, missing one of his pokemons). Also, there are always Evil organizations willing to make pokemons their slaves and steal, mistreat and beat their pokemons until the hero comes around. There's one org that CUTS OFF the tails of a pokemon to SELL it on the black market. There are also, of course, the creepy pokemon entries on pokedex. The only thing childish about this game are the graphics xD And unless you don't like the playing style (turn based, random encounter, linear story-line), there's no way not to like it! <3
    Here is the emulator for the first 3 generations (meaning, 3 games)
    And here are the games: Yellow (1st gen), Crystal (2 gen), Emerald (3 gen) Don't be fooled by the graphics. I chose not to give you the remakes because the classics are a must for everyone <3
    And the other games, for DS, you can play when you get your New 3DS <3 (Gen 4 with Platinum, Gen 5 with Black/White and Black2/White2 and Gen 6 With X/Y)
    So... don't make me bring down my axe, okay? :D You can play those at work, I dunno ahahaha <3
    Wha!? =O There's only 80 something but you still skipped?

    Have a bad boss day? o3o Payday is both fun but sad cause you know it won't last. D8

    Even the ones born with it have to learn it. It's that they are born with it that they can learn it quicker not that their leaders from the get go.

    What did you think of Bolin and Varrick? xD
    I haven't got to see a SU in a while since my tv provider dropped the channel. x[

    You seem down again. >:
    Maybe this will lighten your mood:
    Thanks.. I guess (?) I'm actually training my smile, and it's turning out pretty normal, at least. Not witch-like xD And my... My... my class? >D *gonna look through her own photos* whatever do you mean? xD I am the same irl and online, actually. I guess I'm less blunt and I don't pick fights either, but that's all (?)

    OF COURSE I didn't trip on purpose! XD My sneakers were brand new and the floor was slippery xD I don't regret punching him, but I apologized for the wound inside his mouth. I just wanted to give a warning.
    What? Why would your mother kill you? D: Did you break the charger in some unbelievable way? D:


    YOU >>GOTTA<< START PLAYING THAT SHIT RIGHT NOW D: Imma gonna get some links fer ya!!

    Aaaaaw, young sense of duty! Soon, my gurl, sooooooon it will fade away :D
    How many did you skip? xD

    haha "The most interesting boss in the world" xD

    Pfffft leadership is made not something you just have~ =3

    Rawr that's the spirit! >:O

    Have you seen the latest Korra yet? =3
    Yes, yes you do! >:3 What chapter did you stop on? I'm up tot 69. ^_^

    lol Damn. Packin a lot of heat aren't you? xD

    Usually to be a good boss you have to be a hated one since it's only stern ones that get people to work. Though that's not always the case either, depends on who your bossing.

    Maybe your just a bit tired? =3

    If I remember right the new ones change but I don't know of the XL's do as well. x[
    Special versions like the ones themed after Smash or Pokemon. =3
    Yes, I understand the point. But still, I hate pictures ?_? I don't like showing up on them and I can't smile very well either. If you could read some of the comments on my pictures, you'd see some people saying 'OH. MY. GOD. SHE SMILES!! SHE SMILES!!!' Because I NEVER smile while taking a picture >_> (my smile is crooked and makes my nose bend down, and I have puffy cheeks >_>)

    ahahaha thank you for your understanding xD *keeps mangas*
    Hmm... Well. Since I always go to class earlier than usual, I always have free time. So I sometimes took some mangas with me to read while everyone was taking their seats. One classmate asked me to see my manga and I said no. He said just for a while and I still said no. He then SNATCHED the manga from my hands and ran away.
    I ran after him and unfortunately, triped and fell on my head. Everyone else was laughing and he came back asking me if I was okay. I stood up with a jump, punched him on the face and took my manga back. "DON'T EVER DO THIS AGAIN!" and looked at the classroom as a warning.
    No one ever got close to me while I was reading manga again. :D They still talk about it now after 4 years, but it's mostly died out, thankfully. The guy apologized later and so did I and bam, friends again. After he washed the blood in his mouth, of course >D
    (they even say I tripped on purpose so it would distract him........ I'll never tell them the truth xD)
    Well, I already said what I think about the size, now it's up to you xD Can't you ask your mom to buy a new charger for now? D: You can pay her after you get your paycheck... (?)

    AHAH XD YES, that's Meowth's evolution xD You never watched Pokemon Adventures? XD

    You read Yotsuba? =D
    It's the most hilarious manga I've ever seen. xD

    xD But what if your the boss?

    lol So you being a good hated boss then? xD

    Hm...a war game? There's definitely a number of wars in the bible that could be done for accurate things but not sure if it's fictional. 6? It can't be the tribes of israel then since that was 12 tribes.

    xD Didn't you say you'd just have it plugged into the wall anyway? I know. I hate the lack of color options. x[
    Have you looked into special versions? Usually the better schemed systems are of a certain series. =3
    ahahah since I HATE taking pictures (you can notice this by how many pictures I have posted myself), my mom has that thing to take pictures of me EVERYWHERE. She's not a narcisist, but god, how she loves to take pictures of me @__@ she says "And when you get old? You won't have any memorable pictures because YOU DON'T TAKE ANY! *flash flash* < picture sound" So she took that habit of taking pictures of me by taking pictures of my doge xD or films, for that matter.

    Ah, no, that case has to be bought separately. I almost bought one, but uuugh, I HATE taking my babies outside their own cradle xD So I still don't have one... AND WHAT? WHAAAAAAAT? DO YOU SERIOUSLY >>>THINK<<< I can LEND my PRECIOUS MANGAS to someone??? I don't even let my BFF touch them without fidgeting all over the place so she'll take care not to open them too much, let alone some strangers. The manga would come back IN TATTERS! TATTERS I SAY!! D: Just the idea is outrageous DD: The manga quality here is not the best, so some of them may.... break in half if you open them too much (I only open them about 60?), so the untrained person, even if they're good-natured, may commit a murder against a good manga >_> So, no. I ain't lending my mangas to anyone :< *is famous at college because of some... stuff that's happened during her first year*
    ahahaha but are you gonna buy the 3ds now or are you gonna wait for the new 3ds? xD Even if the paycheck comes, if you're waiting... :v

    w-wha-? D: the picture's gone! I'll have to link another one, just a sec...
    *pets Persian (not) on lap while scheming*

    ahahahaha and you awaken to the truth!! XD Now you'll have things to do while the boss is away!!!
    That's how you know your a good boss. x'D haha

    Clan? o_0 I don't remember any clans in the bible....unless it's that 12 tribes of Israel thing....

    I think it'd be best for you to go to a store or ask someone and try out all three. Trying them out is the best way to choose. =3
    The 3D feature hurts my eyes to much so I went without it. I know you can switch it off but I kept hitting the switch by accident. Dx (plus 3D drained battery)
    ._.) \(^o^ )
    muwhahaha Boss Blu is gonna be a hardass. >8D You should make your henchmen go to crazy out of the way shops to get things like coffee. xD
    Yeah but I can't copy it well. xD Realism is hard.
    Then let me guess....a game about Moses!? Or maybe Noah? It'll be one of the famous ones I know! 8D *ishavingfunguessing*
    Whaaaaa!? xD

    Yes. A 2DS plays any 3DS game, it just lacks the 3D feature. =3
    Meh I never saw it so if it stretches things its likely only in some games rather than all of them. Then get the XL. x'D *pats head*
    Hahaha but it was too funny! XD Her reactions are the best <3 And yeah, that's my mom xD she' the one who likes to film stuff, so it was her idea to get the camera and film that xD I have other videos too, but my mom makes some appearances on them, so she didn't let me post 'em >_>

    IKR?? My friend doesn't use the game's original case. Instead he brings a case with 30-40 spaces to put most of his games into, that's how he lost so many >_> He bought them all back already, and learned his lesson not to bring them outside ever again >_> Aaaah, but tis not a shelf! IT'S A WARDROBE XD And they're not fitting inside of it anymore. I have to use my clothes wardrobe to put my mangas too (yes, I hae two, one for mangas and one for clothes). To be precise, it's not 1000. It's 1008! XD My pride and joy <3
    Bahahaha, but DDD's the only that matters anyway, right? xD I bought my 3ds only because of it. The other games were consequences hahaha xD <3 Did he bring it again today or was it just a one day thing?

    AAHAHAHA More like *pets Persian on lap while scheming* ahaha xD <3

    Thanks, I'm almost fully better. Only a little cough now, but thanks for worrying :D And I always get worse when I drink/eat cold stuff >_>
    ahahaha don't wo~~~rry! As long as you get the job done on time, it doesn't matter if you play a little or not~~*bad influence* >:D
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