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  • Boss Blu~ xD Gonna give your hencchmen a hard time or be a nice boss? Ohhh realism, I wish I was good at that. xD
    A religious game? Which religion? Not all them have man in charge. x'D
    That's amazing in detail. *o* How do they get the bird to sit still that long? Did you draw it? =D

    I have the 2DS right now which is basically a normal sized 3DS without 3D effects and it's flat rather than folds. =3
    Between the normal and XL though I think XL is better cause it's screen is huge, like holy fuck, and it fits better in my bigger hands. =3
    Ahaha, after looking after her for more than a year, I'm envying any kind of quiet dog xD She hates hugs since she's always moving around, and I LOVE hugging people/animals >_> Have you seen a video about her I posted? xD It's a one year old video, I had just moved and the yard was a mess xD But she was so cute seeing that kind of ball for the first time xD

    AAAH, I KNOW SOMEONE LIKE THIS TOO D: But this guy I know was a victim of car hijacking, and had 2 3ds and some 40 games inside the car >_> It was awful, but he bought everything back eventually. I'm still trying to buy everything for the first time >_>
    Oooh but I HAVE to buy :< The manga market around here is a little limited, so I gotta buy whatever I can (I reached one thousand mangas recently *proud* <3), and since I've been picky about games when I was young (I had to; limited allowance, didn't know how to browse on the net to find out wich game's the best... poor gamer, yea), I don't have many games I HAVE to buy, y'know >_> Mangas, on the other hand...
    D-did he bring the console? >< F-flowmotion?

    Yeeaaaah, good thing you chose the dark side with me, gurl <3

    I am getting better of a cold. It's been hanggin around for 2 weeks already, ugh. I'm feeling horrible. But I guess it's passing, I'm not coughing as much as before.
    Ahaha omg, that's what weekends are for, eh? xD Did you sleep well from sunday to monday?
    =O You'd have your own assistant!? Like some pro-artist or manga author!? Is it even possible to find people with the same style? xD
    So you haven't gotten any details yet then? Do you even know if the character is human? xD
    Oh that book. =D I remember mentioning that. I never saw the birds. ^_^

    If all your gonna do is plug it in then I wouldn't worry about battery either. What decides many people is how well one version fits in the hands. Some think one or the other holds better. =3
    =O Do you have anyone helping you so that you can make that many so soon?
    So did you get an idea of what they want out of the character then? =D
    What's the book about? =O

    The only difference I know of is to do with size and battery life. =3 Which one do you think you'll like more?
    56!? You sure that's not a lot? D8 You guys must work fast.
    You should be excited! How many people get to do that~ 8D Though I'm sure it'd help if they'd show you something to work with. xD

    I'm not sure were'd he come up with that. The games look the same on either normal or XL versions to me. Wait does he mean the normal ones or those NEW3DS? Cause the N3DS is still only in Japan unless he's imported. =O
    Ahaha she'll think the clapping is a joke xD Even when we're scolding her, she never stops wagging her tail. She loves attentions - whatever type of it. xD
    And that's why I can't stay mad at her for long xD Or even mad that I can't teach her anything. She's so smart I feel like I don't need to teach her anything xD (she knows that when we're going out, she has to go to her place so I can leash her, or that if she touches a certain object, it will fall, or that she's not allowed inside... she's so cute I can't even <3 <3 ) Haha, but thanks for the tips, I'll write them down so I won't forget and I'll try them sometime :D

    No... he's the lone-otaku type xD He doesn't like co-op games, nor social networks.The only e-mail he has that I know of is his work-mail XD He was a good friend. I think if we ever meet again, we'll still talk as we always did :) Aaah, but it's super normal to feel ultra-tired at the begining. I don't give it a month. It's because your body wasn't used to being used like this and it's getting itself used to the routine. Once you do, you won't even feel the days passing by :D Ahaha... I know people like this... D: Those rich people can't even begin to understand the pain of a person who had to jump from buying arrr games to making her own arrrr games to suddenly having to buy originals! D: (ps3 and 3ds) It's horrible, I had to choose between games and mangas and I couldn't T__T ahahah but he owns KH3D, right? xD You'll finally face the BEST INVENTION SQUARE ENIX EVER MADE!!!!

    Yes, yes. Exactly. "As long as you get the job done, anything goes". THAT'S IT ;D Play, play, plaaay ahahah xD

    Wah, I'm sorry, I didn't see your messages last night D: I can try this next GUT (I always miss the early in the morning GUT. I may be up at 6AM but I can't play until 7-8AM >_>), at 9AM @__@
    How was the test? >_<
    49!? That's so many. D8 Are they big drawings? A game character!? =D What kinda game?

    Well it's already out in japan so by the next year is should be about 4 months so it won't be far from release. =3
    Ah, but naaaaah, I don't really need to go there. As long as I can go to Japan, anything's fine <3

    Oh no, I know that. But she won't stop runing even if she's exhausted D: Her tongue deep red, panting, laying down at every moment, but... if I come closer to a toy, she starts runing again. I have to set the limit to let her rest, cause I fear her havin a heart attack or smt @_@ But... someday I'll try D: She's too energetic right now, I fear for her health >_>

    Well then that's good! It's always awkward for me the first two-three days, I take a little long to warm up to people. Ahahah yeah, but he changed posts to England, so I can't keep in touch with him often (by not often I mean at all, he hates facebook xD). BAHAHAH XD It's the FIRST WEEK XD calm down and think about... someting else (?) until you get your pay xD .......... until the new year festivities are over, I mean xD You should go fishing for prices now and see the raise with your own eyes tho <3 if you think it's worth paying a little more to have it RIGHT NOW, then it's your call :O

    Ahahaha yaaay, thanks xD *dancing* *forgets about thesis* whoops :V You gotta get used to your own free time to schedule your chi playings xD since you plan to be there at least for a year, right? Can you play at work? xD *bad influence*
    You only get scolded if you get caught. We'll sniper them from afar so you don't get in trouble. ;D
    Two months!? Just for the main one!? That must be one big image. o_o

    You mean that 'New3DS' with the extra buttons and stronger processing stuff then? ^_^
    You'll get your hands on it just believe Blu! JUST BELIEVE! o3o/ Next year is only two months away after all~
    Pfffft who said anything about animals? We'll just shoot people annoying like your brothers~ 8D
    The leader of your country?! =O That must be one big ass project!! =D 6-7 months and you still gotta speed up? xD

    You can screenshot in Smash Bros but I don't know if you can in other games. =3 The game and 3DS should done be out everywhere by now.
    You shouldn't have to wait. 3DS has been out far longer and Nintendo isn't known for issues like Sony or Microsoft. That new 3ds comes out here sometime next year I think but it's already out in Japan.
    haha yeah, I thought so as soon as you told me xD

    Hmmm nah, I want to see Korea, tho. Not THE BEST Korea haha the south one of course. But THAT'S AFTER I'M FED UP WITH JAPAN AHAH <3 Wich will never happen, so I'm guessing I'll never go to Korea xD

    Middle aged? xD She's only 2 years old, she has he whole life ahead of her. OMG HOW CUTE!! XD TEACH ME, MASTER! xD My dog's just TOO active (hyperactive if I may say so), she doesn't stop running even when the sun's blazing outside >_> I managed to teach her how to sit when asking for stuff (she just jumps on the back pawns to make me look at her, but when I come closer, she sits. She knows I'll only give anything to her if she's sitting <3 ) and how to lay down. I managed to teach her how to do a flip (NOT A BACK FLIP, OKAY, SHE'S NOT A GYMNAST XD) when she wants me to play with her toys too, but she doesn't sit still for me to teach her something else xDD

    Ooh, getting used to work fast is nice! :D Are you friends with your co-workers yet? It took me a month to get friendly to one of my superiors back at my internship, because he was so hard to approach >_> (BUT THEN HE FOUND OUT I WAS OTAKU AND IT TURNED OUT HE WAS ONE TOO AHAH XD BESTIES IN SECONDS). Geh, I know the feel. It's surrounded by protestants here where I live, and I'm Spiritualist (basically, I'm always the sore thumb wherever I go xD Even at school. I went to a catholic institution, so even the sisters there said bad stuff about my religion)

    I'm at the finish line already, so you don't need to trouble yourself more about it, okay? :D Thanks for using it until now <3
    Fine we'll shoot something! 8D Get the paintball guns! lol How one is supposed to be and how one is aren't never the same thing. =3
    A whole year!? How big a project is it? =O

    Not only is it available on 3DS but that's the very version I'm playing in those images! 8D
    W-what happened? *is going to stalk*
    Oh, good *sighs in relief* I thought something bad happened at work D: No, I know it's not "good" but it's "better than I thought" D: And I think you should let go of some stuff. Stop caring, you know? If he didn't eat, then don't make anymore. If he layed down with dirty clothes on your mom's bed, then tell her that so she can scold him. If no one appreciates what you do, all the more reason to line your pockets ASAP and leave :D I'm sorry if it's looking like I'm looking down on your problems, but taking everything seriously is bad for one's heart (AND MOST OF ALL, FOR ONE'S STOMACH *the one with gastritis for caring too much*)

    Y-yea, I meant gi. Shame on me, ho could I make such an amateur mistake *dies* >_>
    Oh ahahah xD so you actually WANT me to look at all of your pictures? xD

    Omg, really? D: Thanks for the heads up, then. *crosses Beijing from the "to go list"* Not that this list is too big, see. It's only Japan and some asian countries haha <_<

    ahahahaha xD But her crying is just SO cute! XD
    OMG I've always wanted my dog to do this pose, it's so cute *nosebleeds* But since she's not allowed inside, the most she does is... well... she stands on her back pawns, leans on the gate and starts jumping as high as she can with only two pawns. While crying. *holds laughter*

    Yeah, it's tiring, but it's all worth at the end of the month, waah <3 <3 monnnnnneeeeyyyyy <3 How's it going now? :D

    And... care to enlighten me as to why are you still logging on my chi even thought you're busy with work? D: I don't want to impose so much, you can stop...
    Y-you sure that'll be enough!? We can always get some fireworks, gas, and blow stuff up. You'd be surprised how much stress that relieves. xD
    Meh phones are overrated. Wow another off day? =O You sure your fine? What are you being made to sketch? ^_^

    Perhaps my misadventures in Smash will make you grin. 8D

    First, my Mii goes super saiyan:


    Next Pac-Man makes a homerun:
    [IMG] <(lol at Dididi's face)

    There can only be one:

    Like a boss:

    The classic yet tragic history of sons turning on their fathers continues:

    Smash misadventures continued:

    No means NO:

    The console wars never truly ended:
    o_o Bad day.....your brothers sound more like pampered brats than adults. If they don't want to eat, then don't cook for them. If they don't wanna clean, let them go dirty. Only worry about your own stuff. They'll either do without or learn.

    ~^_^~ Anything I can do to ease the aggravation of your toddler siblings?
    I know, but it's normal to me o_o'' And you can't say I'm NOT eating properly, I'm ALWAYS hungry haha xD (meaning I'm always eating something)
    Yea, I saw some <3 those with you using the judoji (? I dunno the name, sorry) are specially nice (OwO)

    What, REALLY? Chinese do this in Indonesia? Here is totally the opposite, but they still manage to mess up the economy here. They come by hundreds of thousands and sell arrrr stuff ultra cheap, of course cheaper than the original product here, forcing everyone to buy from them, wich in turn makes the local sellers break.Yeah, this is a new kind of douchery, alright >_>

    Oh, but that's what I do. She's not allowed inside, but still she LISSSTENNSSS to the sound of the crackers! XD It's like an anthena. I open the pot, she starts crying. I got used to it and laugh it off, but on the begining was awful @__@

    yeeeeeeah, that's the spirit!! <3 So, how'd it go? :D
    lol whoa

    So soon already!? Your just nervous is all! =D Try to be as upbeat as possible or your first day will be a pain. Trust me I know. xD
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