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    Oh, you know it. What's this for anyway?
    That's cool! Well, maybe you will get the chance to go before you leave. Have fun at your friends! xD
    lol. I should just bring a camera with me always and eventually they'll just get used to me having it around them. Though, i suppose those kind of photos wouldnt be the "artsy" I'm looking for...

    I want to start Photo Projects again =/
    I have twelve rolls of film that i want to use by the end of summer.

    I want to take new artsy photos, but my friends always seem busy, and the ones who aren't don't like their photo being taken in such ways. rawr. v.v
    Pffffft. Yeah right.
    Maybe your cute comments are what make my photos cute? =o plottwist.
    Thanks! My b-day is tomorrow. I'll be eighteen. And I'm going to Disneyland! (You get in free on your birthday xD)
    I saw that video you made for the Panel System for Days and I just had to say it helped me out a ton since I do not understand Japanese at all, so thanks for posting that. :D
    You should get me a postcard ^.^
    That was an excellent shibboleth. Wouldn't you agree?
    "Who are you? It should be incredibly important, but I can't remember."

    I think Xemnas wanted a Keyblade that they could have complete control over. Well, would Roxas have his memories even without Xion existing? I thought her existence was a separate tangent from Roxas' birth.

    I'm also confused, on your site Roxas leaves before that scene with Xion, but i heard that he doesnt leave until after he fuses with her?
    Im not sure if I felt bad for her, I just felt the entire thing to be depressing.
    Including the stuff with Riku at the Skyscraper and her. But maybe that's just my inner Xion/Riku shipping coming out.
    I do like how they added onto that scene though.

    I also like how the scene with Roxas and Xion tied into the catch-copy of the game.
    To be clear though, by "ending" I am moreso referring to the parts with Xion/Riku, not really the last cutscene of the game.
    Pfft. Beginning of KH2 made me stone-faced.
    Now DAAAAYS. That was something else.
    So, the ending of Days is pretty damn depressing.
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